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Cafe Lights Style Finder Quiz | Find Your Lighting Style

Accent lighting has the ability to make or break the look and feel of the entire atmosphere you're trying to achieve. Luckily, there's no right or wrong way to decorate with cafe string lights. However, if you're not sure what style of cafe lights you should use to brighten your outdoor or indoor space, start here with this fun Style Finder Quiz and find your ideal lighting!
Discover Your Style »

Have you ever caught yourself aimlessly browsing through Pinterest or Houzz looking for home and lighting inspiration only to end up feeling more overwhelmed and confused about what style you like best?

By answering a few quick questions, our Enbrighten Cafe Lights Style Finder will help guide you down the path to unlocking the inspiration you need for a beautifully lit space that's perfectly suited to your tastes.

What's Your Style?

What is your cafe lighting style?    What style of cafe lights are you?    What style of cafe lights are you?    
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