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10 Tech Things that Keep Workaholics Sane

Posted by Britnee Joyner on April 1, 2017 at 7:03 AM. Filed under Smart Home, Around the Home, Mobility


In today’s world, the phrase, “work hard, play harder,” could not be truer. Every minute it appears a new workaholic is born, and as the work load gets heavier, the vacation time looks more appealing. So we came up with a top 10 list that sheds light on the technology that keeps you working efficiently, and helps you to unplug when you finally get a break from work. Here are the top 10 tech things that keep workaholics sane:

1. Fast charging so you never miss a viral video.

When you need a break from work and stress what do you do? Pull out your phone to watch cute puppies or April the giraffe have her baby! Come ON April! Having the essential charger and charging cable that can deliver 5.2 volts and 2.4 Amps or more is key to keeping you in the loop on the latest trending videos.

2. The ability to sit on your couch and turn on your lights.

After a long day of work, you don’t want to get up to turn on and off lights. Let’s be real, you might get up to get a bowl of ice cream, but lights?! Pssh! Home automation all the way! Smart homes equal happy workaholics. 

3. Uber is EVERYTHING!

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Going on business trips and being able to hop in an Uber as soon as you land is not only the best thing ever, but clearly is good for the workaholic’s soul. Gone are the days where you physically take your credit card out to pay or having your phone die because you cannot charge it on the drive.

4. Bluetooth. Need we say more?

Who wants to connect their devices with cables anymore? Bluetooth, please! All things Bluetooth, whether it’s talking to someone through the speakers in your car, or jamming out with Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth gives us life!

5. Speaking of charging your phone, smart phones. 


What would we even do without smart phones? It's not the 70's or 80's anymore when car trouble meant getting stranded and missing the biggest meeting of the year. Let’s face it, there’s an app for almost everything which will mostly help you get you what you need. Unless you completely dropped the ball and never got those crucial stats from your boss and the office is closed. Can’t help you there. Speaking of Apps…

Apps make the world go round. Microsoft Word, Google Drive and Maps, are among the top apps used and it's no wonder why. Whether you are using Wunderlist to help keep you organized and on task or Solid Explorer to share and browse files, apps are where it’s at.

7. Vacuuming your house while you are at work.

Vacuum robots are all the rage and are super simple to set a schedule while you are working. Not only do these robots vacuum dirt and dust among other things, they also will polish your floor with the many brushes they feature. Coming home to a clean floor makes your life easier and stress-free after a busy day of work.

8. Plugging in 5, 6, 7 or more USBs into one hub.

Let’s be real. There are still some people that like to tote their files around via flash drive. Having the ability to plug in as many flash drives as possible into one hub is the best when you are working with multiple departments on a critical presentation or meeting.

9. Being able to speak into your watch and send texts or answer phone calls.


In meetings, smart watches come in handy for helping navigate through new emails or texts from your colleague with necessary information. Easily set the apps you want on your watch and be ready to face the day! It’ll even alert you when your alarm goes off.

10. Last, but not least, when it’s finally time to plan that vacation you’ve been longing for…Airbnb.


Pick a destination, pick a date, and find the best, affordable home away from homes. Pack your bags! It’s time for an easy breezy vacation that will cost you way less than the normal hotel or resort fees. Plus, you will actually feel like you are living in another town and a different life. Who’s ready to go?


About the Author | Britnee Joyner

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