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Time spent in nature can also be a well-needed break from technology, a chance to unplug and look away from the screen. But let's be honest: A few pieces of tech can provide the security that lets you focus on your big adventure without worrying about the little things.

Here are five tech accessories that will make your autumn expedition all the merrier:

With the hot days of summer behind us, it's a great time to go camping. The nights are cooler, the leaves are turning colors and there's still enough sunshine to keep you warm on the trails. Plus, the Wilderness Society reported that public lands such as state parks will often drop their prices after Labor Day - making your excursion more affordable.

Focus on your big adventure and don't worry about the small stuff.Focus on your big adventure, and don't worry about the small stuff.

Easily set up camp

While the glow of a camp fire can be heartening, it's not exactly portable and it won't always shine where you need it to. According to The Telegraph, arriving late to a campsite and being forced to set up a tent in the dark is one of the most frustrating - and common - mistakes campers make. However, a battery-powered lantern can help you see how to connect those tent poles or guide you when you head into the brush to find the "bathroom." The RealTree EcoSurvivor LED Lanterns can provide up to 350 lumens of outdoor lighting, and it can run for up to 180 hours, giving you light for an entire weekend or more.

"Setting up a tent in the dark is one of the most frustrating mistakes campers make."

Avoid being disoriented

While nature is beautiful, sleeping in an unfamiliar place can also be disorienting. When you wake up in the middle of the night, quickly find your bearings with a portable LED light that turns on with a touch, such as the GE Enbrighten light. With high energy efficiency and durability, it makes a handy permanent addition to your camping accoutrement. Keep it by your sleeping bag for quick access or use it as a handheld flashlight to guide your way.

Protect your phone

Remember camping when you were a kid, when your Dad would photograph the family memories by lugging along his big camera with the crazy flash? These days our phones capture breathtaking images of our adventures, as well as help us navigate or impress our friends by pointing out the constellations. While camping is a good time to stay off Twitter and Facebook, your phone is still a versatile and important tool - one that you'll need to protect while you're scaling rock faces or trekking through muddy hillsides. The T-Tech case from Tumi has three layers of protection that can insulate your phone from the inevitable bumps and drops.

Stick together 

Few things are as frightening as getting lost in the woods - it's the stuff that horror movies are made of. Keeping a small alarm in your pocket can be a literal lifesaver. If you get separated from your companions, just pull the pin in the GE Personal Keychain Security Alarm to set off a 120 dB alarm, which is about as loud as an ambulance siren.

GE USB Car Charger

Finally, if you are taking any tech with you, make sure you've got it as charged up as possible. According to the U.S. Forest Service, a key outdoor safety tip is to inspect and fully charge your gear before heading out. Since many camping trips are often preceded by a long car ride, a GE USB car charger can be crucial. Not to mention, once you've returned from the woods and are heading back to real life, you'll want to get those smart phones up and running as soon as possible.



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