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Alexa & Google at the Same Booth? Jasco Made it Happen at CES 2018

Posted by Kearsten Chapman on January 25, 2018 at 6:03 PM. Filed under Smart Home, News, CES


Reflecting back on CES 2018, the Jasco team has a lot to be proud of. We had two major smart home announcements with Amazon and Google, raised money to end the global water crisis, and not only survived, but thrived during the blackout with our EcoSurvivor and Energizer products.

Smart Home


The smart and connected home proved to be a hot topic at the show again this year, with trending topics around new voice-control integrations, bigger TVs, smarter appliances, wireless security and more. Jasco joined the conversation with recognition in TechHive around its GE-branded smart home products and new partnerships between Z-Wave and Google Assistant, and ZigBee and Amazon Echo Plus.  

“Jasco’s GE-branded smart switches and dimmers using the ZigBee protocol officially work with Amazon’s Echo Plus. Since the Plus, which debuted in October, is designed to work seamlessly with ZigBee-based products, Jasco’s switches should’ve worked automatically. Jasco took the extra step, however, to test all of its products with the Echo Plus and to make them “Alexa Certified” to ensure they would work properly. On the other side of the smart home protocol spectrum, Jasco’s GE-branded Z-Wave products are friendlier with Google Home.”

Lighting Up the CES Blackout


Not only were we filming live on Twitter the moment the #CESBLACKOUT happened, but our EcoSurvivor and Energizer products lit up the Las Vegas Convention Center, attracting some press and national attention to the booth (and brand) as well.

“CES attendees use the light of their electronic devices at the Jasco Products booth after power went out inside the central hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Wednesday.”

“Attendees use the light of their electronic devices at the Jasco Products booth after power was lost during CES 2018 inside the central hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center on January 10, 2018 in Las Vegas.”

“The folks at Jasco took the opportunity to light up their corner of the convention center with represented brand Energizer. In a sense, this blackout is an extremely lucky happening for them. Perhaps a little too lucky…

ecoPLINKO–Every Drop MADE a Difference


We also announced the availability of our rugged outdoor EcoSurvivor product line with 50 percent of net proceeds benefiting the global water crisis through our non-profit partner, Water4.

  • Digital Trends raved about the EcoSurvivor line: “So if you’re looking for some outdoor gear in the New Year, the EcoSurvivor line may be able to help you on your next adventure, and others around the world in their journeys as well.”
  • Trend Hunter had some nice things to say too: “Jasco's Eco Survivor makes outdoor expeditions easier with its high functionality products. The collection blends the lines between form and function by providing the necessary products for the outdoor environment.”
Brand partner and MMA fighter, Justin Wren, met with booth visitors, took pictures, signed autographs and explained his personal experience and support for Water4 and its mission to see the global water crisis eradicated in this lifetime. 


We had over 2,168 people stop by our booth to play ecoPLINKO, donate to Water4, win some cool EcoSurvivor gear, and share the message on social media. Jasco donated an additional $1 for every social media post on Twitter and Instagram using the #ecoPLINKO hashtag, raising more than $16,000 in just four days! Definitely a success in our book. 

Be sure to check back to see what the rest of 2018 has in store for the Jasco team!


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