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Beginner’s Guide to Home Automation

Posted by Brad Halverson on July 15, 2022 at 9:26 AM. Filed under Smart Home

Creating a smart home has become a popular way to upgrade your space. While the idea might seem complex, it’s easier than ever to join the trend. You can automate a single lamp or create an entire network with a bit of user-friendly technology and a smartphone. 


Wi-Fi smart devices feature simple setups that provide versatile automation options without the hassle of complicated equipment. Regardless of the age or type of your home, there’s a solution for you. Trusted brands, like Philips, UltraPro and Enbrighten, offer a diverse collection of products all controlled by free, intuitive apps. For temporary installations, which are perfect for rental homes or dorms, consider plug-in smart controls. In-wall switches and dimmers provide a permanent option that still supports DIY installation for hardwired fixtures. 


Once your network is created, exploring the app is surprisingly fun. Comprehensive manual control, schedules, scenes and many more customizations without being overwhelming. Built-in presets further simplify programming options. If you’ve ever wished your lights turned on as soon as you arrive home or turn off automatically when you leave, you’re in luck. Triggers based on location are one of the several automations. Other factors include sunrise, sunset, weather conditions and device status. Compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant-enabled and SmartThings products support popular third-party services, such as voice commands.  


As more gadgets in our everyday lives become smart-home capable, now is the perfect time to join the trend. Even beginners can upgrade their lights, fans and other electronics without the stress of intricate tech. Learn more at 


About the Author | Brad Halverson

Brad is a copywriter at Jasco. Through product descriptions, packaging content and how-to videos, Brad enjoys helping customers stay informed about Jasco’s smart-home devices, timers and lighting controls. When not at work, his favorite hobby is picking up new hobbies, and he always looks forward to the next road trip with family and friends. Brad has a broadcast journalism degree from North Dakota State University and worked in communications for the better part of a decade before joining Jasco.

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