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Celebrate World Water Day with Jasco and Water4

Posted by Kearsten Chapman on March 14, 2017 at 9:41 AM. Filed under How To, News

Celebrate World Water Day with Jasco and Water4

World Water Day is March 22. It's a day to celebrate life-saving water and more importantly, a day to take action and help those without it. 

At Jasco, we believe everyone deserves access to life-sustaining water. Yet every day millions of men, women, and children walk miles in search of clean water. Often times, all they find is dirty water from contaminated ponds and watering holes. They spend hours carrying it back to their families to drink. With it, they bring sickness that often results in death. In fact, over 650 million people do not have access to clean water, and every day over 2,000 children under the age of 5 die from causes related to contaminated water. 

Earlier this year, we kicked off a partnership with our EcoSurvivor brand and our giving partners – Water4 and Fight for the Forgotten – to help their mission of ending the world water crisis and provide clean, safe drinking water to all people. Water4 believes that we can end the global water crisis in our lifetime. We want to help make that happen and hope you do too! Together, we can save lives and end the water crisis for all.

Jasco recently invited Bellator MMA Fighter, Justin Wren, and the COO at Water4 for an exclusive World Water Day interview. Click the video thumbnail or link below to watch the inspiring interview.

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It’s a global crisis. But the good news is that by working together, it’s a crisis we can solve. Every donation and EcoSurvivor purchase help to provide clean water and life-changing opportunities for people around the world. And that’s huge.

Celebrate World Water Day with Jasco and Water4 and help fund a water dispensary that will help thousands of people! Here are three easy ways you can get involved with us on World Water Day:

3 easy ways you can get involved with Jasco and Water4 on World Water Day

1. Make a Donation

Donate now and help fund a major clean water project in Rwanda. One donation of $25 gives one person access to clean water EVERY DAY. How many lives can you save today? 

2. Make a Purchase

Jasco proudly supports Water4 and their mission of empowering people to end the water crisis in their lifetime. Visit and help bring light to the world with an EcoSurvivor LED Lantern. 

3. Make Your Voice Heard 

Donate your voice on social media and help raise awareness of #WorldWaterDay. 

With each new well that’s drilled — in some of the most remote, hostile places on Earth — the arrival of clean water improves the health of entire villages. Providing dignity and self-reliance, freedom from waterborne disease and death, and the promise of long-term health and food security. 

Access to clean water is truly the foundation for transforming these communities. Help us take concrete action towards eradicating the world water crisis by supporting a major water project in Rwanda that will serve thousands of people. 

Learn more about this community and how you can help:
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