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In today’s world your cubicle isn’t only a place that you work, it’s where you spend 90 percent of your day. Your cubicle is a 3 walled, tiny, gray home for most workers. Spending all day tackling to-dos, answering emails, and making calls can get tiring when you are in an uncreative environment.

Making your cubicle feel more comfortable and homey can boost productivity. With these easy tips to upgrade your cubicle, you can transform into a productive, creative and comfortable place to spend your day.

easy ways to upgrade your cubicle

1. Add color 

Cubicles usually come in one color: gray. So spruce your cubicle up with some color! Adding things like wallpaper or fabric to the walls of your cubicle can be easily done with just a few supplies. If you don’t want to make that big of a commitment, adding accessories such as colored pen holders, staplers and tape dispensers can add the same flare. Start by dressing up your electronics using a modern looking surge protector or colorful taps to plug in your electronics.

add color to your cubicle for an easy upgrade

2. Use a fun calendar

Do dates and deadlines stress you out? Stress less with a decorative calendar on your desk or cubicle walls. You can find free printouts of calendars, or purchase one online

add a calendar to your cubicle wall

3. Listen to music

Listening to music can help make your day go by faster, and help you focus. Downloading a music player like Spotify will help you chose from a wide assortment of music. If you work in an office that’s noisy, or you can’t play your music out loud, try these headphones.


4. Stay untangled & organized 

Your cubicle can get overwhelming with all of the devices that you have sitting on your desk. With simple things like a USB Tabletop Charging Station  you will be able to charge multiple  devices right at your desktop. More importantly, you'll keep that chaotic cords nest out of site! Another benefit is faster charging. Charging your phone or tablet directly from your computer's USB port can take much longer, especially compared to this charging station, which offers Ultra Charge™ technology for up to 40 percent faster charging.

charge multiple devices at your desk with a USB tabletop charging station


5. Bring your favorite coffee mug

No cubicle is complete without a cup of coffee right when you sit down in the morning. Make your morning cup of coffee exciting with a clever mug! If your office provides mugs that you like to use, you can still dress them up by buying or DIYing decorative coasters to set your coffee on.


5. Add a lamp

The lights in offices can be cold and unwelcoming. Warm up your cubicle by adding a lamp to the corner. Not only will the lamp add warmth, but it will add a personal and homey touch to your cubicle. [Learn how to make your lamp a smart lamp here]

It can get pretty dark under those overhead cabinets or shelves in your cubicle. Adding battery-operated LED lighting is another super easy way to upgrade your cubicle with peel-and-stick tape that easily mounts under the cabinetry.

lighting is crucial for upgrading your cubicle work space  

7. Raise your computer

Sitting at your desk all day can be physically draining, to prevent this raise your computer up! Not only will standing help you get more exercise, it is actually better and more ergonomic for your body. You can either request a standing desk from the company you work for, or stack a couple of big books and raise the screen of your computer.



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