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Eco Survivor at CES 2017: Innovating to End the Water Crisis

Posted by Kearsten Chapman on February 3, 2017 at 1:24 PM. Filed under News, CES

Eco Survivor at CES 2017: Innovating to End the Water Crisis

We recently announced our partnership with non-profit, Water4, and Bellator MMA Fighter, Justin Wren, for our Eco Survivor outdoor tech accessories brand. Together, we've teamed up to help people in need of clean water by donating a portion of every Eco Survivor purchase to Water4 and their sustainable life-saving water projects.

To kick off the partnership, Jasco had the privilege of hosting Justin as a special guest and speaker at our booth during CES 2017. Justin discussed his Fight for the Forgotten initiative with Water4 and spoke about his personal journey from being a professional cage fighter to now fighting to help others.

Knocking Out the Water Crisis at CES

The crowds grew as more people gathered to hear the inspiring stories of his Mbuti Pygmy family in Congo and how Eco Survivor is helping to light up the world and empower their mission. With each speech, Wren spoke from his heart and touched the hearts of many others as we learned more about this devastating crisis that is the cause of 1 out of every 5 deaths of children under the age of five. We also learned that together we can change that.


Jasco is proud to partner with Water4 and Justin Wren to help support their innovative solutions for ending the world water crisis. Every Eco Survivor purchase helps provide clean water and life-changing opportunities for people around the world.  Jasco, along with thousands of CES attendees, helped make a difference in people's lives by joining the fight to end the global water crisis. 

  • Jasco donated $1 for every visitor badge scanned at our booth
  • Jasco matched all contributions made during CES dollar-for-dollar
  • For every post using the hashtag, #EcoSurvivor, Jasco donated an additional $1 to clean water
Eco Survivor at CES 2017: Innovating to End the Water Crisis

With the help of CES show-goers and our friends on social media, we raised over $4000 in just four days. This money will fund water wells to be drilled in Congo, where entire villages are still in desperate need of clean water. Through their Fight For the Forgotten initiative with Justin Wren, Water4-trained drill teams are transforming entire communities with the gift of clean water. Instead of drilling a well for a community, they train locals to drill their own wells, equip them with the necessary tools, and then support their continued business endeavors.

Access to clean water is truly the foundation for transforming these communities, providing dignity of self-sufficiency, freedom from waterborne disease and death, and the promise of long-term health and food security. We want to thank our friends at Water4 and Justin Wren for the amazing work you do, as well as every CES attendee for your support. Together, we are making a difference in people's lives and because of you, we are one step closer to ending the water crisis. 
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