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Many homeowners are taking a step into the future by investing in home automation. What seems like something out of a science fiction movie is actually now available for anyone to purchase. Home automation is simply having the ability to control you home's lights, appliances, thermostat and other electronics through your smartphone.

Growing market
Frank Gillett, vice president and principal analyst for home automation at Forrester, said that roughly half of the households in the U.S. will be engaged with at least some sort of home automation device by the year 2020, The Wall Street Journal reported. Additionally, he said this will be particularly popular in affluent homes that can easily update to home automation.

A recent report from Construction Market Research Reports called "Home Automation and Control Market" stated the market for home automation devices such as video surveillance, access control, lighting control, sensor control and HVAC control will be a roughly $12.81 billion industry by 2020. Just two years ago, the market was worth $5.77 billion, and many experts believe the market is expected to surge very soon.

Light automation
One area of home automation that is becoming especially popular is home lighting automation. Many consumers think these devices are too complicated to work, but it's actually much easier to control than originally thought.

Controlling light fixtures through wireless technology creates many benefits for homeowners with how they light their home. If you want to control the brightness of your home or to turn on ceiling fans in a certain room, home automation products can get can empower you with the abilities to control you home's lighting system from any room and at any time.

"Several systems are battery-powered, which means you do not have to install any additional wires."

Easy to use
Many home lighting automation products are simple to use. In fact, several systems are battery-powered, which means you do not have to install any additional wires to make the system work.

Automated lighting systems can be controlled form anywhere in your home and their simple installation process will transform your house into a smart home.

Dimming your lights
Whether you're having a dinner party or you're with your spouse watching a movie at night, dimming your lights can be done through your smartphone. Light dimmers are a great way to create inviting lighting, but then switch to a lower lighting for a more intimate and flattering setting. The harshness of your overall lighting in a specific room can easily be off-putting for guests if there's too much or too little.

Finding the right balance can be done from your smartphone or through a remote, which some more affordable options offer. While you're likely to impress your friends with remote dimming, you'll also please your guests with pinpoint accuracy with the total brightness of your lights.

Light timers and added security
Another reason why people are choosing to automate their home lighting system is for the extra security. Home lighting automation systems can put certain lights in your home on a timer, so you don't come home to a bunch of dark rooms.

Coming home to a well-lit home will make you feel comfortable and secure.Coming home to a well-lit home will make you feel comfortable and secure.

Additionally, light timers can be set to turn on when you're away from your home to give the appearance someone is in the house. Many burglars avoid brightly lit homes at night and having control over light will certainly increase the overall security of your house.

The same can be done for outdoor lighting as well, so your walkway is illuminated when you get home. With many systems to choose from, it's easy to get started on the home lighting automation process.

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