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If you're like most people, the space behind your television is like a giant, disorderly yarn ball of cords, wires and cables. When you purchase a new device for your home entertainment center, you're excited and eager to hook it up until you see the mess of cords. There are several options to make it easier to install new gadgets or electronics to your space without digging through cables to find an open electrical socket on your surge protector.

While this problem affects a lot of people's entertainment centers, it also wreaks havoc on home office desks, computer stations and even nightstands next to couches or beds. However, there is good news: You don't have to use a million different cords to set up your home theater or work station. 

Here are some ways to consolidate your home gadgets and electronics clutter:

Consolidate your electrical plug ins
If you're plugging in a television, video game console, online streaming device, Blu-ray player, audio receiver, a record player or a VCR all into a single area, electrical outlets are a prized possession. However, you can connect all of your devices by investing in a Premium 12 Outlet Surge Protector with USB Charging Dock.

"Surge protectors help save money on energy bills by consuming less power."

This mighty all-in-one charging device will ensure you plug in all of your electrical items into one surge protector. These large devices will set up a charging station for everything that goes behind your television or under your home computer desk. Additionally, some devices use charging adapters, which are bulky and take up useful space on your surge protector.

However, the GE Premium 12 Outlet Surge Protector has four spaced outlets for adapters to fit neatly without taking up your other plug-in spots. While the device will create less clutter for all your devices, it will also protect your electronics from power surges. Also, surge protectors help save money on your energy bill by consuming less power than plugging devices straight into the wall outlet.

Your home can become a cluttered mess of cords with numerous surge protectors for all of your devices.Your home can become a cluttered mess of cords with numerous surge protectors for all of your devices.

Invest in multi-device charging stations
For those finding the area next to their bed completely cluttered with cords from your tablet, smartphone, lamp cord and alarm clock, you simply need an all-in-one charging station. Multi-USB and AC power outlet stations can easily plug into the wall and reduce wire tangles around your bed.

USB devices connect into the charging station along with AC-powered devices like a lamp or alarm clock. Instead of relying on a power strip next to your bed or couch to connect all of your devices, invest in a multidevice charger to plug in all of your items without the clutter of all the cords.

Manage and organize your cables
Using colored cable management accessories are not only great for eliminating the tangled mess of cords behind your TV or under your desk, but also for organizing your different cables by specific colors. This will come in handy if you ever move or add new electronics. For example, using green for video game cables, blue for audio, purple for video, pink for power, etc will help you keep tabs on what and where all of your cables are connected. For bundling cables together, the adjustable Über Cable belt or Cable Anchor are both ideal for easily securing and organizing various sizes of cable bundles. 

Get rid of the devices you don't need
It's easy to get caught up in all the home electronics that are available. However, most times, you'll find yourself not needing or using a lot of these devices. It's important to know what electronics you actually use and which ones could be recycled or resold. To consolidate the amount of cords, you may have to ditch some of the devices that are connected behind your television or around your home office.

Connect essentials separately
Another mistake several people make is by connecting all of their devices to one charging or plug-in area. To prevent this, simply make two different stations: one to connect your essential electronics (phone, tablet, MP3 player), and another to connect things that aren't used every day (camera, battery charger, wireless headphones).

Putting all of these items together creates clutter, but using two stations will separate the essentials items from the less-needed devices.

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