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Going camping is a fun way for you and your family to spend some time together. Not only does it bring you all in the same company, but it helps you build teamwork by deciding who sets up the tent, collects the tree branches for the fire and who organizes the food.

However, some families don't have the time to drive to a nearby campsite to get in all their adventures this summer. Even going to the backyard for a kid's camping night can be a great activity for your children and a great way to keep the stress down that would come with a planned trip.

With your children in close range to your backdoor, a fridge full of food and an actual bathroom, you might find a backyard camping trip is right up your alley. Here are a few steps to get you started:

Decide where you're going to set up a tent
Get your children to find the best spot in your backyard to set up the tent. You'll want to make sure the tent will protect everyone inside from moist grass, bugs and any inclement weather. You can help them set up the tent but you should encourage your kids to work together, so it's much easier the next time you decide to camp.

Setting up the campsite should be one of your first priorities.Setting up the campsite should be one of your first priorities.

Fill the tent with fun things
Since you're a stone's throw away from your home, this is the time you can let your children bring a lot of fun stuff into the tent. Since it will just be your kids sleeping outside, encourage them to bring books to read, board games, coloring books and other toys to make it feel like home.

"Play games by hiding snacks in a plastic bag and have kids search for the prize with lanterns."

Set up an outdoor area
Outside of the tent, you should have an outdoor seating area. This can be something as easy as a blanket or a few chairs. An outdoor area will let them enjoy nature until it turns dark. If you have a movable fire pit, you can bring it close to the seating area and let them roast marshmallows or hot dogs. However, keep children a safe distance from the flame and remember to put out the fire - especially if you plan on sleeping inside.

Use the nighttime to have more fun
Once it gets dark, don't let the fun activities stop. This is a perfect opportunity for your younger kids to hear new noises in the night and to star gaze while laying on a blanket. You can use Jasco's Enbrighten Weather Resistant Dimmable Lanterns for your kids to go exploring in the night.

Play games by hiding snacks in a plastic bag outside and having your kids search for prize with lanterns. Additionally, you can set up these lanterns around the yard to play games like a nature scavenger hunt or tag - or to just look for critters that come out at night like lightning bugs.

Whatever you plan on doing for your backyard camping, make sure you keep tents lit and nighttime activities illuminated with Jasco lanterns.

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