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As a home-based small business owner, it's impossible to watch everything that goes on in your workplace 24/7, but surveillance technology is trying to help. Those who work from home can be on top of their workers, clients, customers and property with video surveillance cameras running in the interior of their home.

Letting people into your home to do business or work for you raises a lot of risk. You have to worry about theft and vandalism, and it's also critical to make sure your home's business operations are running smoothly. Instead of spending a ton of money on high-tech surveillance equipment that could take up the majority of your budget, especially if your business is just starting off, investing in discrete surveillance systems could keep your workspace on track.

Here are a few instances where surveillance kits could help your at-home business:

Keeping eyes on all kids in a daycare
When you're running a daycare out of your home, you need eyes around the house at all times. One wandering toddler could somehow get into an area they aren't supposed to be in, but using a wireless monitoring kit could help you make sure no one is where they shouldn't be.

Daycare centers can benefit from video surveillance to protect the children from entering restricted areas.Home day care centers can benefit from video surveillance to protect the children from entering potentially dangerous areas.

Additionally, you can discretely monitor your daycare employees to ensure they are treating the kids correctly. At-home daycare centers could benefit from multiple cameras throughout the home. If you're running a day care center, you will want to monitor children's actions in case you have to go to another part of the house or if you have employees working under you. Implementing a GE Wireless Color Digital Home Monitoring Kit in your home can ensure each area of the the house is monitored at all times.

Help law enforcement with physical information
In the instance someone steals something from your home or a worker or client conflict occurs, you may need to cooperate with the authorities and give them as much detailed information as possible. With video surveillance kits, you can provide law enforcement with video proof of what occurred.

Also, if a worker was ever injured on the job in your home, you will want to have video surveillance of the incident if possible in case an employee decides to take you to court for worker's compensation. Having a time-stamped resource of video information will ensure your business is running efficiently and will have vital information in case there ever was a mishap in your home.

"One unwelcome guest could come into your home and steal valuables."

One unwelcome guest could steal valuables, personal items, laptops or other electronics from your home. This risk becomes greater the second you start allowing clients or customers into your house, which allows them to see what valuables you own. A home surveillance video kit could record who comes in and out of the house, which could help catch thieves looking to take advantage of your business.

Recording your house's entryway
For a lot of home businesses, there's a lot of traffic coming in and out of their driveway at all times throughout the day. To stay protected, you may want to record who comes in your driveway and up to your door. This is especially critical for those running day care centers when there's a disgruntled family member demanding to take a child when they are not authorized. This could allow you to keep all doors locked and see who is approaching your entryway.

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