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Introducing: The Enbrighten USB-Powered Café Lights

Posted by David Reece on June 3, 2020 at 11:09 AM. Filed under LED Lighting, Around the Home, News, Power

Enbrighten USB-Powered Café Lights

For years now, café lights have dominated the lighting world. They bring old-world ambience, charming atmosphere and modern sensibilities together into one stylish product. Nearly every hip bar, coffee shop or trendy restaurant has these string lights installed – and they have inevitably found their way into the eager hands of consumers.


In the past, Enbrighten® has used this market’s momentum to raise the bar in both quality and features. Their families of premium café lights (check them out here) stand head and shoulders above the rest, proving that “color changes everything”. Now they are building and innovating upon what came before to bring you new and exciting lighting possibilities. The Enbrighten team is passionate about creating products that bring reliable substance and illuminating style to your life. While bigger string lights are perfect for year-round placement, sometimes we need a bit of mobility and adaptability. Sometimes, it's time for something new. Introducing: the Enbrighten USB-Powered Café Lights!


Available in lengths of 12ft. and 24ft., these lights feature smaller and more compact versions of the iconic Enbrighten bulb design. Their lightweight build lets you easily put them up, take them down or store them without ever breaking a sweat. Everything there is to love about their larger iterations is still intact, however. The acrylic bulbs are durable and weatherproof, making them a perfect fit for outdoors as well as indoors. (There are even plastic bulb versions available for a more causal setup.) The attached controller lets you cycle through 14 stunning color modes, warm white light and set four- and six-hour timers. 

Lightweight, acrylic, color-changing bulbs

USB charging via battery pack, USB adapters and more

The real magic rests in the revolutionary USB feature. Replacing the traditional plug with a USB-A connector lets you take these lights on the move. Even without a wall outlet handy, which you are still able to plug into with any standard adapter, these lights can be lit up using the power of a battery pack, car charger, laptop and much more! Enbrighten has even separately engineered a solar panel with a USB plug for an awesome eco-friendly solution!


Dorms and Offices




Porches and Balconies


Our favorite products are the ones that manage to surprise us; the ones that take old concepts and breathe new life into them. The Enbrighten USB-Powered Café Lights may be small, but they are a powerhouse of potential. Whether you set them up for accent lighting in a dorm room or ambience while camping, the portable and color-changing café lights truly are a must have year-round!

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