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Jasco recently partnered with the National Autism Association (NAA) to help launch a new school safety program for educators. The Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit® is a free-of-charge safety kit designed to help schools keep students with autism safe and prevent wandering incidents from classrooms. 

The NAA is the leading voice on issues related to autism safety and crisis prevention. As a proud supporter, Jasco has donated 1,000 4-packs of GE branded Window/Door Alarm Kits to the NAA’s Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit.

This completely free toolkit is available for educators, teachers-aids or school administrators and is full of valuable wandering-prevention tools that include: 

  • Printed educational materials
    and tools in the BeREDy booklet
    for teachers
  • Four (4) GE branded Wireless
    Door/Window Alarms including batteries
  • Five (5) Laminated Adhesive
    Stop Sign Visual Prompts for
    doors and windows



Simple security tools like Jasco's wireless alarms can  significantly reduce the risk of students with autism wandering away from classrooms, which also provides peace of mind for students' family members and caregivers. The wireless alarms are can be easily attached to doors, windows, cabinets, gates and more in classrooms. This allows teachers to be quickly alerted when windows or doors are opened, immediately knowing if the student has left the classroom or building. Those first few minutes can be life saving.

“Having these resources go out to 1,000 schools across the country can potentially save the lives of countless children,” said Wendy Fournier, President of the National Autism Association.

According to a study conducted by the Interactive Autism Network, nearly 50 percent of children with autism attempt to wander from safe environments like schools and classrooms, creating extraordinary worry and stress among caregivers. The Big Red Safety Kit program was developed to equip caregivers and educators with the necessary tools and resources to help them take the proper precautions to keep students safe. The NAA strongly recommends educators take a multi-layer approach that uses  proper safeguards as well as making every attempt to educate students about safety and danger by using social stories, visual stop signs  and color-coded prompts to deter wandering. 

“Jasco is honored to support such a great organization and provide the benefits of our security products to help keep children with autism safe in their schools and homes,” said Cameron Trice, Jasco CEO.

Regardless of any tools a school may already have in place, if a student's diagnosis interferes with their ability to recognize danger or stay safe, it is critical to maintain close supervision and security within the school environment. For more information and ways to help school safety for students with autism, please visit

If you or someone you know is a 
teacher or aid who works 
with children
with autism, help spread the word or
apply for the free Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit



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