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The snow has finally melted away and many residents now want to start planning barbecues, outdoor lounging and other evening events. With nice weather on its way, you want to make sure you make a great first impression on your guests as they enter your backyard or deck area.

To ensure your party is lasting as long as you want, you need to get a little creative with your outdoor lighting so you can keep decks, porches and walkways visible.

Lighting your deck or back porch
One of the first things you need to address is your deck or back porch. This is likely going to be the area where most people lounge and hang out when you invite them over. You need to keep this area well-lit, but without overdoing it.

Using LED light fixtures to line your deck adds an elegant glow to your party space. LEDs also run on a 12-volt current versus a 120-volt standard light fixture. This will make it easy to install and wire. Additionally, you should try to add a light on nearly every post of your deck to provide enough illumination.

Give your backyard more character by using landscape light fixtures to illuminate your trees.Give your backyard more character by using landscape light fixtures to illuminate your trees.

Install a light dimmer
Many people think light dimmers are only used for interior lighting. However, an outdoor light dimmer is just as convenient. If you're hosting a large amount of people in your back yard, you want the area to be well-lit, so guests aren't stumbling around dimly lit stairs or pathways.

Dimmers are also a great way to gradually introduce your light resources with natural light. As the night gets darker, you can slowly adjust your lights so you don't have your lights on as high as they can go when there's still natural light outside. Additionally, light dimmers and LED light fixtures help you save money on your energy bill. LEDs have a significantly longer lifespan than other types of light bulbs and dimmers can help you use even less energy in the process.

Take control of your outdoor lighting with dimmable features to adjust to your specific liking.

Lighting trees and landscape
Another way to make your house's backyard turn into a beautifully lit space is through LED tree accent light fixtures. Installing lights at the base of the tree and have it shining upward will give your trees character at night instead of being dark, shadowy figures. This will also help you illuminate more of your yard so kids can run and play with enough lighting.

Also, if you have any sort of coy pond or water landscaping, you want to choose the right LED lighting to ensure your water is shimmering. Make sure you light the base of the pond with waterproof light resources so you and guests can see in the water at night. Accent lighting is always best for any water statue or landscaping in your backyard.

"Avoid bringing out the flashlight to make sure your burgers are done."

Add lighting around your grill
If you plan on grilling out this spring and summer, you want to have enough exterior outdoor lighting to see what you're cooking. When you plan to continue cooking into the night, it can be difficult to see if meat products are fully cooked.

Avoid bringing out the flashlight to make sure your burgers are done, and use exterior LED lighting. Outdoor light fixtures should accent your grill, but still provide enough lighting so you can see what you're cooking. Wall sconces and recessed lighting on the exterior of your home could provide you with enough light to grill all through the night.

Don't let the darkness ruin your outdoor party this spring and invest in LED light options.


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