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A common theme is emerging in many cities and households. Summer is quickly coming to a close, and with it, a change of mindsets. The change in the calendar leads to leaves changing color. The end of summer also signals the start school for many, and of course, football season.

Interestingly enough, fall doesn't officially start until the end of September, but many see Labor Day as the last weekend of summer. Friday, Sept. 4 will also likely be the busiest travel day during the holiday weekend, followed by September 3 and 7, respectively.

You are still a traveler even if you aren't planning to take an airplane. No matter which mode of transportation, you'll likely carry around your electronics to pass the time. Perhaps you'll watch a movie on an Amtrak ride, or gaze outside the car window listening to your favorite music. Either way, there are numerous Labor Day trip essentials you need for traveling this upcoming Labor Day weekend.

A family on the roof of a car.Car chargers can provide enough power for families to take many photographs.

Keep your devices running 

Take inventory of what electronic devices you'll be taking on your trip because this list will determine what chargers to bring. You'll most likely have your phone and it's accompanying charger. Unfortunately, technology is not advanced to the point where a single charge can power smartphones for an entire week.

Your charging accessory will depend on your method of travel. It's not possible to use your regular charger while in the car. However, you can still use the USB cord, especially ones with plenty of length, provided you have a car charger. This accessory is designed to easily attach to a car's charging area. Older chargers may only offer one port for charging, but some car chargers are built with two USB slots. The whole family can rest easy knowing their devices will reach 100 percent in no time.

Keep yourself in seclusion

At some point during your Labor Day trip you'll likely want to sit back and listen to some music or watch a movie. If you're taking an airplane or train, service announcements often remind passengers to always use headphones or earbuds, to avoid disturbing others around them. 

If you're unsure whether to get headphones or earbuds, you should consider your travel needs. For instance, if you want high quality sound and comfort for your trip, go with headphones. This accessory can turn any trip into one filled with excellent bass and display the vocal range of your favorite artist. Likewise, little sound will bleed out, meaning other travelers won't hear that slightly embarrassing song on your playlist. With this accessory, your music will sound better than ever and other passengers won't be disturbed.

Earbuds are ideal for the minimal traveler who will likely want to close his or her eyes for a few moments. While wearing earbuds, you'll feel comfortable leaning your head against a pillow as you fall asleep to relaxing music and it packs easily into your pocket.

"There are numerous accessories that are essential for traveling this upcoming Labor Day weekend."

For the worker

Even though most government and private businesses will give employees a three day weekend, some workers may still want to complete work and answer important emails. These dedicated workers should first make sure they're traveling by train or airplane because wireless Internet is now offered.

If you see yourself trying to get some work done away from the office, you'll want tangle-free solutions that don't take up too much space. You'll benefit from a wireless keyboard and mouse, or a mouse that can retract the USB wire.

For everyone

Every smartphone owner needs a case for their device. There's no simple way around this requirement. Devices are slimmed down with every iteration, and as a result, are more prone to slipping out of hands. Everyone has seen shattered phones and it's not a pretty sight. Smartphone owners should make the investment in a fitted case, made from either nylon or leatherette, which are both lightweight and durable for providing protection from slips, bumps and drops, all while keeping a slim profile to smoothly slide in and out of your pockets. When traveling, the risk for dropping a phone can increase in crowded places, such as the airport. It's better to add a protective slim-fitted case with covered corners to the device than having to pay for a cracked display

Before packing the suitcase or loading the car, create a list of essential items for your Labor Day travels. Car chargers can provide extra battery life for long road trips, while headphones and earbuds will make music and movies sound better without risking comfort for the wearer or bothering those around you. Even the dedicated worker can't forget a wireless keyboard or mouse to make sure everything works smoothly.

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