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Light Up Your Home with LED Motion Activated Lights

Posted by Ronald Cifuentes on September 7, 2016 at 6:59 PM. Filed under LED Lighting, Around the Home

Portable_motion_sensing_light_on_kitchen_counter-963308-edited.jpgWho forgets to turn off the lights in your house? Where does it happen the most?

We are all familiar with walking into a pitch black hallway or room and having to reach for the light switch in order to see where we are going. Or when a quick trip to the bathroom or kitchen leads to all the lights being left on by accident. Let motion-activated lights guide you around your home without having to flip a light switch (and remembering to turn them back off!) motion lights will not only change the way you use your lights in general but they can also save you money with energy-efficient LED lights that only activate in the dark and automatically turn themselves off once you leave the room.

Motion nights lights come in different style sizes and colors to fit the décor of your home. However, one big difference is whether they are plug-in or battery powered. While both offer the same motion sensing and lighting capabilities, they will have pros and cons depending on what your specific needs are. The plug in versions are ready straight out of the packaging, all you need is an available outlet and you are good to go. The drawback to the plug in version is part of what makes it easy to use, the need for an empty outlet. If you have an area in your home that could use some light but don’t have a free outlet or do but it just isn’t accessible or in the best area in the room this version will not work for you.

On the other hand, many battery operated lights can be placed on a tabletop, shelf and even hung on the wall or anywhere else you might need. All you would need are AA batteries. The good news is the battery life is impressive since the LED lights are highly efficient. Both versions will not run up your electric bill or drain batteries fast as these lights are designed to only turn on in low light conditions and turn off automatically after a short period of time with no motion detected.

Where to Put Them

Motion activated lights can be placed throughout your home to illuminate your path down the hallway, give your child a sense of comfort at night or provide safety for elderly family members. Below are some places that you should consider placing a motion-activated light:

Hallways & Entryway: Either the light switch is inconveniently far from the front door or you don’t want to blind yourself by turning on the hallway light while taking a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Motion-activated lights are perfect for helping in these situations. Place a motion-activated light within 25 ft. from an entrance and not only will they turn on as soon as they sense motion but they will automatically turn off as soon as you switch on the main light or after it doesn’t detect motion for 90 seconds. No more fumbling for the light switch or forgetting to turn off the lights in the hallway. You will find yourself actually using the main lights less since you know you will be able to see great without them.


Closet & Pantry: If the closet in your room doesn’t have an overhead light fixture or your pantry isn't well lit, the battery operated motion-activated lights are a great solution. Just find the best location in your closet and install your motion-activated light of choice using adhesives, magnets, or screws with built-in mounting capabilities. Now every time you open the closet doors and motion is detected everything will be bright enough to make sure you are grabbing the correct things. If you don’t have a door or prefer to keep your closet open, an on/off version of the lights will give you the same amount of light but with the option of turning it on and off. These lights will also work great for dark areas under the sink or under shelves.

Kitchen & Bathroom: Places like the kitchen, bathrooms and even living rooms and the garage could also benefit from a motion-sensing light. Most of these areas are often lit using the natural lighting from windows or the main lights, however, motion sensing lights are great for times when you're just passing through these areas at night. If you need a glass of water or late night snack from the kitchen, forgot something in the living room, need something from the garage or just a quick restroom break, motion sensing night lights will provide you with enough light to do it all without needing to reach for the light switch and prevent the risk of leaving the light on all night.

Motion-Activated Lights
are not only stylish but they are a convenient energy efficient lighting solution for any room! Here are few more benefits you should also know about these helpful little lights:

  • Plug-in or Battery Operated motion lights 
  • Motion-activated up to 25 feet
  • Light sensing - prevent light from switching on during daylight hours
  • Motion Activated – turns off after 90 seconds of no motion
  • Uses pennies worth of electricity per year
  • Multipurpose light ideal for hallways, kitchens, garages, bathrooms, utility rooms and more
  • Long-life LED - no bulbs to replace
  • Cool to the touch


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