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The holidays are one of the busiest traveling seasons of the year. With flights to and from different cities, stay entertained and sane with these traveling must-haves.

Comfortable neck pillow:

The pillows that airlines (sometimes) provide are not comfortable at all, and the only way to survive that red eye to Chicago is to try and get some sleep, so make sure that you get a neck pillow that you like before boarding.



Sitting next to a screaming baby, snoring man, or chatty Cathy can make your flight dreadful. Tune out the noise with some good quality headphones and try to kick back and relax.


Portable Charger:

Not close to a wall or car charger? No problem. This battery pack works anywhere, making it a great option for times when you are not near a power source to keep your smartphone and/or tablet completely charged at all times.



Nowadays it's hard to get anything on a plane for less than $5. Grab a few bags of snacks and a water bottle before you board to cut the cost of pricey airline snacks.



Non-electronic entertainment:

If you forget to bring #4, don’t forget this one-or you’re in for a long flight. Things like a book or crossword puzzle can keep you entertained for the length of the flight and require no charge! 


Chewing gum:

The most underrated and arguably most vital part of traveling is chewing gum, especially while taking off and landing. If you forget to bring a pack of gum, you might be in for a plane ride full of head and ear aches, unless you have a friendly neighbor willing to share. GumVar.jpg

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