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Anyone could pick incandescent bulbs out of a lineup, but increasingly, their presence in the market is becoming rarer. Legislation and manufacturers have phase out production of such bulbs, and what's left is only what stores have on shelves and in the stockroom. In these bulbs' place, a new generation of lighting products have ascended.

"New advances in lighting technology are routinely headlined by LEDs."

LEDs top of class
New advances in lighting technology are routinely headlined by LEDs. Usually, the environmental benefits of light-emitting diodes are most stressed to consumers (and for good reason), but the cost savings generated by those environmental factors and all-around efficiencies are of even greater interest. The U.S. Department of Energy notes LED lighting could save more than $30 billion in electricity prices by 2027. It also estimates lighting a tree 12 hours a day for 40 days would cost $10 using incandescent-style bulbs but only $0.27 using LEDs. 

High upfront costs of LEDS compared to CFLs and other alternatives often deter many who are hesitant to adopt LEDs. However, as the science of manufacturing LEDs continually progresses, they become cheaper to buy - and only further complement the considerable costs saved in the long term. 

All these benefits make LEDs a formidable lighting choice for consumers, but one other feature is noteworthy: longevity. The lifespan of an LED bulb is 25 times more than an incandescent and twice that of a CFL, according to the Energy Department. That incredible lifespan has become a major focal point of a new range of products that are bolstered by using LEDs that never need to be changed out.

Enbrighten Lamps and Guide Lights
Among those products are emerging technologies like GE-branded lanterns and guide lights

In the case of lanterns, when consumers are outside in the dark, they certainly require powerful and dependable lighting, and LEDs provide just that. Jasco goes a step further than standard LED structures and innovates with its patented technology that utilizes blue LED light (opposed to white) that increases the bulb's life 50 percent, emits at 350 lumens and has an omnidirectional radius of 50 feet.

Jasco also carries a set of GE-brand path lighting products for use in the home. The plug-in light bars (furnished in brushed nickel) can be either motion-sensing or touch-operated and feature three dimmable settings. Engineered with GE patented LED technology, consumers need never replace the LED bulb nor worry about its quality or color temperature degrading over time. 

LEDs are increasingly gaining market share and the minds of consumers. The environmental benefits paired with cost-efficiency make for a product households need to take notice of and learn more about.


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