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New GE Z-Wave Smart Switches are Revolutionizing Smart Homes

Posted by Kearsten Chapman on June 10, 2019 at 12:45 PM. Filed under Smart Home, Safety & Security, News

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We're excited to announce the new and enhanced line of GE-Branded Z-Wave smart controls with revolutionary QuickFit™ and SimpleWire™ technology. With a patent-pending design and advanced technology, our newest line of smart light switches and dimmers provide the easiest installation and most secure smart home solution to make building a smart home more user-friendly and easier than ever.

Our latest generation of Z-Wave smart controls are being introduced in five in-wall configurations with toggle and paddle style switches and changeable faceplates to accommodate any home. Unlike other options on the market, the add-on smart switches provide the same control as a master switch with the functionality of dimming from remote locations. Up to five add-on switches can also be connected to the same light, fan or appliance. 

QuickFit™ Design

The revolutionary QuickFit space-saving design features a rounded housing and 20 percent smaller depth compared to previous models. The elimination of heat tabs on each side of the switch also offers a more convenient installation and user-experience without reducing the electrical ratings. 


SimpleWire™ Technology

With the SimpleWire technology, the new smart controls feature auto line-load sensing terminals, which eliminate the guesswork when testing line and load wires. The dual offset ground ports are another defining feature that save time, simplify installation and reduce wire congestion for configuring multi-switch setups.

S2 Security and SmartStart™

The new line of Z-Wave smart switches and dimmers now includes S2 security and SmartStart™, which ensures each device has a safe network connection for enhanced protection and convenient device-specific codes for automatic pairing and effortless installation. 


Learn more about Z-Wave technology and different smart home protocols in our latest Smart Home Guide: An Introduction to Home Automation Protocols 101


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