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Q&A: Cafe String Lights

Posted by Jenni Fredrickson on October 9, 2017 at 3:24 PM. Filed under LED Lighting, Around the Home, Q&A

Cafe String Lights Questions Answered. String Lights Q&A

Whether you call them outdoor string lights, party lights, bistro lights, globe lights, or specifically Enbrighten Cafe Lights (our personal favorite), it’s clear that cafe string lights are very trendy right now. They add a touch of magic to any space and you’d be hard pressed to find a patio (or reading nook, home theater, or garden) that couldn’t be improved by the glow of beautiful cafe string lights.

If you’ve been considering adding cafe lights to your space but still have questions, we have all the answers to your questions in this cafe lights Q&A session!

Q: Are cafe lights safe to use outdoors? How well do outdoor string lights hold up to rain or hail?

A: Only outdoor rated lights are safe to use outside and will not retain water. Enbrighten Cafe Lights are UL-153 rated for permanent installations and have been tested to endure the elements all year long and will never retain water or break during rain, hail or severe storms. The lights have durable, acrylic lenses that never need to be replaced and the premium commercial-grade construction is designed to weather the elements season after season.

Q: Are cafe lights dimmable?

A: If you’re looking for dimmable patio string lights, you’re going to want the Enbrighten Seasons Cafe Lights. They are dimmable via the included remote. There are 10 different levels of dimming to achieve the perfect amount of light. The remote also has other features including a 2 and 4 hour timer as well as choosing your color options.

Are String Lights Dimmable?

Q: Do I have to turn them on and off by manually unplugging the cord? Is there another option?

A: The best application would be to set your cafe lights up with an outdoor timer that automatically turns your lights on and off exactly when you want every day. For the color changing version you can also you use the remote to turn it on and off.

Q: What cord colors are available?

A: Enbrighten Cafe Lights are available with both white and black cords so that you can select the lights that work perfectly in your space. 

Q: I want my string lights to really have personality, what can I do to change the look?

A: One way you can really set your string light display apart is with accessories. Even just adding shades or cages to your lights makes a world of a difference in style. You can also choose color-changing cafe lights to keep the look of your patio fun and festive all year long.

How can I accessorize my outdoor string lights?

Q: How many strands of outdoor string lights can be linked together?

A: Some large spaces just need more light to really make an impact. You can safely link up to 750 feet of Enbrighten Café lights.

Q: How long do cafe light bulbs last?

A: Since Enbrighten LED's are designed to last a lifetime, they will never burn out, which means you never have to worry about changing out the bulbs or looking up and seeing a string of lights with only half of the lights still glowing ! The energy saving bulbs also reduce energy usage by over 95 percent and easily pay for themselves within a year or two when compared to lesser string lights on the market.

Q: Where is the best place to hang cafe lights?

A: With a variety of simple ways to hang them, you can add your unique touch to any space, and switch up the look for different occasions by moving just a strand or two. Take advantage of deck ceilings, pergolas, or trees on your property to hang the lights. You can accent any area by hanging the strings lights underneath a porch or pergola, along your garden fence, on the eaves of an entry, or extend lines to a cozy seating area by the pool. We recommend using guide wires to ensure they are well secured in any open area.

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