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Usually, consumers are forced to choose between product functionality and aesthetic appeal. But when it comes to decor for rooms that children use, consumers never have to weigh one feature over the other with Jasco Projectables® night lights.

Featuring a full stable of some of the most recognizable cartoon faces and super heroes in modern kids entertainment, Jasco Projectables night lights offer parents the full functionality of a night light needed at bedtime while also offering kids a whimsical and enjoyable representation of their favorite characters. Projectables come in a number of styles that are sure to entertain, but above all, perhaps the greatest value in these products is in the LED lights they use.

"Parents can rest assured well into the future they made the sustainable and practical lighting choice."

Why LEDs?
Compared to incandescent bulbs that are being phased out and even next-gen bulbs like CFLs, LEDs are well ahead of the pack in becoming the newest favorite of energy- and cost-conscious consumers. LEDs could save more than $30 billion in electricity prices by 2027, according to the Department of Energy, and the lifespan of an LED is nearly 25 times that of an incandescent and twice the life of a CFL. 

Why LED Projectables?
Already top-choice products thanks to their use of LEDs, Jasco Projectables provide the perfect solution for lighting a kid's room in a dependable, but also fun, fashion. Take for instance this projectable featuring the widely beloved deep sea denizen SpongeBob SquarePants™. This product can project a 3-foot SpongeBob image on an 8- to 12-foot ceiling and comes with six different goofy goober images to choose from.

While children will no doubt love the SpongeBob images, parents will be even more thrilled to know they never have to replace an LED bulb in the projectable, ensuring cost and energy savings well down the road. The light automatically comes on at dusk and shuts itself off after 30 minutes. The bulb is also cool to the touch to prevent any potential accidents.

SpongeBob isn't the only well-known entertainment personality to grace Jasco Projectables. Other products feature the likes of: Captain America, Dora the Explorer, Batman and characters from Pixar films, including "Finding Nemo" and "Cars."

Jasco has a projectable for you even if your kid is more of a science buff. Products also include solar-system-themed images and tropical fish Projectables.

With Projectables, parents have at their disposal a product that is both sure please a child while also appeasing the budget. Thanks to LED technology, projectable bulbs never need to be replaced, and parents can rest assured well into the future they made the sustainable and practical choice.

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