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5 tips to help parents get bedtime battles under control by @jascoproducts

The bedtime struggle is real. Nothing is more frustrating than your toddler fighting bed time especially when as adults we have come to cherish those rare and precious moments of dreamland! Thankfully, we've rounded up some tips and suggestions for mastering the “tuck-in" to help parents get bedtime battles under control.

1. Routines!5 tips to help parents get bedtime battles under control

Numerous moms have emphasized that setting a routine is extremely helpful. Whether it's reading a story about their favorite Disney Princess or Marvel Superhero or singing a song together, these types of routines can help prepare the kiddos for bed.

2. Not Being Too Tired

Not letting them be too tired is an issue as well. Nothing worse than a cranky 2 year old fighting back ZzZz’s. Luckily you can adjust bedtime to earlier if you start noticing this.

3. Let Them Make Some Choices

Many moms have noted that giving your toddler choices is helpful as well. For example letting them pick out which book they want to read or which PJ’s they want to slip into tricks them into thinking they’re in control!

4. Calm Their Fears

Working through their fears can be a big issue. It’s dark and everyone knows that monsters only exist in the dark so that is a legit fear that needs to be addressed. Luckily, a night light is the perfect answer to help calm their fears. Especially a fancy night light like this one. Projectables LED night lights can help kids overcome their fears of the dark by bringing their favorite characters to life just in time for bedtime, like everyone's beloved friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish, Dory! 

Projectables Help Kids Fall Asleep Easier with Finding Dory Swimming by Their Side At Bedtime.

5. Be Consistent

Consistency is key! There will be some nights that go smoother than others and that’s okay! But consistency and stability are the foundation to a smooth bed time routine! 

Rewarding sleeping through the night in their own bed has proven to be helpful for some moms as well. Sticker charts have been known to be helpful or from personal experience, cupcakes always seem to do the trick too (just maybe not right before bedtime!)










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