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1. Storing video in the cloud
In the past, video was seen as something completely physical. You had to record activity through a camera and then view it on a tape. However, the future of home surveillance monitoring is making it much easier to store video data. By working through the cloud, video systems can store massive amounts of video and not have to worry about recording over events. Homeowners can simply go back to whichever day to see the recorded activity.

"Consumers have become accustomed to accessing their data, photos, and music from all their devices using cloud services like iCloud, Amazon CloudDrive, and Microsoft OneDrive," said Steve Gorski, chief sales officer of Scallop Imaging, according to Vector USA.

Another reason this technology has grown in popularity is due to the affordability and availability of cloud storage. With bandwidth costs dropping in the last few years, it's more affordable for residents to store this information in the cloud. High-speed Internet helps homeowners send information to the cloud quickly and effectively.

Home surveillance systems could see higher resolution in the near future.

2. Easy-to-use devices
Home security needs to work its best when it matters most. If your system fails during a break-in, there's no point in investing in the hardware to begin with. However, a major trend in home security and surveillance equipment is overall simplicity.

Consumers want to be able to use a device that is easy to control so they can get the most out of their system. With additional buttons, gadgets and other controls, some systems can take a lot of studying to use properly. Keeping simplicity as a main focal point for surveillance systems helps people use the device through a single platform.

Technology is mobilizing too, so you can control your settings while on the go and from your smartphone. Standalone devices are quickly being outdated with new technology that can be controlled all at once.

3. Higher video quality
According to IHS, a business analysis company, one of the more significant trends in surveillance equipment is video resolution. Many video systems can record and operate effectively, while not breaking the bank. However, more people are finding video resolution to be a major problem.

This has led to higher-definition recordings, which could eventually turn out to be 4K resolution. This picture quality is roughly 20 megabits per second, but would provide superior video quality to anything on the market. Cloud storage would probably be necessary for those who record with this type of high-end equipment.

4. Faster reporting times
Another thing that is expected to come with improved home surveillance is faster reporting times. A problem with security systems is that they could be recording useful information, but if your home is broken into and items are still stolen, it might feel like the surveillance system was not worth it in the long run (especially if the burglars are never caught).

"The faster you're able to put your system together, the safer you will feel in your own home."

One way surveillance companies are improving their technology is through response times. Once intruders are spotted, consumers need to be able to share the data immediately with police officials. This could help officers find suspects faster and give them more information on what they're dealing with at the crime scene.

5. Easier installments
Installing a home surveillance system can be a difficult task, but easier hookups for this technology are becoming more readily available. Technology is allowing more systems to be standalone systems, which means cheaper and easier to installation. The faster you're able to put your system together, the safer you will feel in your own home.

While certain technology might seem overwhelming for some homeowners, security systems should not be hard to grasp. Tech companies that create these systems are continuously working to make security easier at and away from the home.

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