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Universal remotes: simplify your home entertainment

Posted by Jasco on March 27, 2015 at 1:10 PM. Filed under Around the Home

A lot you have probably tried to set up a universal remote at some point in your life, only to be discouraged that it doesn't connect all of your devices. With home entertainment centers growing, and new electronics and streaming systems available on the market, you likely want a device that will actually control everything you own.

Understanding your universal remote
Even though it can be tricky to get your universal remote completely in tune with all of your home entertainment electronics, there are ways to do it. First, it's important to understand exactly how your universal remote connects with your devices.

Some of the universal remotes connect with other electronics through a line of sight technology, which is much like an infrared light (IR). However, other devices use radio frequency (RF) or hardwired control systems. With new technology improving home automation, some devices are even able to use Bluetooth to connect to all of your devices through a smartphone or tablet.

Connecting all your electronics should be easy to install and match your brand's devices.Connecting all your electronics should be an easy installation process to join your devices.

Most people want to be able to sit down with their single remote, press one power button and have a television, audio system and Blu-ray player come on at the same time. While this is a smart idea, it's easy for universal remotes to send several IR codes at the same time. However, when multiple IR codes are sent to the devices, the communication can be compromised. This leads to the television turned on, but the stereo left off. Pressing the power button again usually leads to a back and forth game of frustration where the TV turns off, but the stereo finally comes on. If ever run into issues programming your remote, you can usually find a list of remote control codes and step-by-steps instructions online. 

Automating your home can have benefits by reducing the stress of starting a device. Universal remotes can help you limit the clutter of multiple remotes and give you an easier system to use. Some universal home automation systems can be controlled through personal mobile devices like smartphones or tablets and can also incorporate home security systems and home lighting automation systems.

Simplifying your connection
Getting your devices fully connected needs to be a simple process. Using a universal remote that is not only compatible with major brands, but can also connect four or more different devices, will combine and abridge your remote issues. Whether it's cable, satellite, DVD, Blu-ray, VCR or a TV, you need a device that can connect without the stress of worrying if your equipment is covered.


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