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Throughout the summer months, it's easy to find yourself worrying less about controlling your lights and more about getting out of the house for some fun in the sun. However, there are plenty of reasons why it's important to invest in home automation systems specifically in warmer seasons.

To get started, here are four reasons why home automation is essential this summer:

1. Energy reduction
This might seem like the most basic reason to monitor lights, but you can actually waste a lot of energy throughout the summer. It's easy to forget about lights when you're constantly on the go. More likely than not, most people leave their homes more frequently in summer than other seasons.

This means it's easy to leave your house for the weekend with several lights still turned on. Why waste hundreds of dollars worth of energy over the summer when you can easily invest in home automated lighting system to turn your lights on and off at specific times in the day?

Controlling your lights can save you money throughout the season, but managing your thermostat could save you even more. If your home has air conditioning or central air, you probably have this running nearly nonstop during the hottest days. However, when you're not at home, there's no reason for your house or apartment to be at a completely cool temperature when nobody is home.

Instead, using automated thermostat controllers regulate temperatures so a cool house can greet you when you get home, without wasting energy throughout the day when your place is empty.

"Automated lights can be programmed to operate throughout the day to give your home a lived-in appearance."

2. Better security
With home automation systems, you can increase the security of your home throughout the summer. Most burglaries occur when no one is home, and the majority of burglars will target houses that look empty. However, home-automated lights can be turned on in your home at specific times of the day to give the appearance of someone being home. 

Simply leaving lights on while you're away on vacation or a weekend trip could show potential burglars that no one is home since the lights have remained on. On the other hand, using a simple timer, your lights can be programmed to operate throughout the day and give your home a lived-in appearance. 

3. Control natural light
Other home automation trends that are beneficial in the summer include controlling blinds or curtains to allow natural light to enter your home. This can help you reduce energy waste with more natural light resources and less artificial lights running.

Additionally, automated blinds will shut automatically at night to give your home plenty of privacy. Having this feature can give you more security and access to natural light throughout the day.

4. Regulate outdoor ornaments or lights
If you have a running fountain or lights surrounding a koi fish pond, you want to be able to regulate these items throughout the night. During the nighttime, it's beneficial to keep decorative landscape lights operating until you're ready to go to sleep. If you have lights running all night, you'll waste energy and run the risk of having a too brightly lit landscape outside while you try to sleep.


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