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4 Easy Hacks to Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Katy Foley on January 3, 2019 at 9:22 AM. Filed under News

The beginning of the year is a time for many people to self-reflect and be encouraged to make positive changes in their lives. However, did you know the U.S. News and World Report found that 80% of New Year's Resolutions fail by February. One of the most common reasons why resolutions fail are simply because people feel overwhelmed with the change they are trying to make, according to Psychology Today.

But here's the good news. It is still possible to keep those resolutions going strong by focusing on easy areas to start and establishing small goals. This will make change seem more manageable and you'll be surprised how a few small changes can make a big difference in your life.

Some of the most popular resolutions of getting more exercise, improving health, saving more money and getting organized can be achieved with these 4 easy hacks to keeping your new year's resolution.

Exercise More: Spend Time Outdoors


One of the most common resolutions is to get more exercise, but gym intimidation can actually keep a lot of people away from achieving the goal. Fox News reported, "it seems the psychological battle may be the hardest one to win, with nearly one out of two people (49 percent) feeling intimidated at just the thought of working out at the gym." 

Avoiding the gym doesn't have to mean resolution failure. An easy way to get started on your journey back into shape without the pressure and anxiety is to get outdoors- which has a long list of its own benefits. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors can actually help eliminate fatigue, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, de-stress the body, fight depression and anxiety and reap many other health benefits.

Make sure you're equipped and prepared for the great outdoors so you can stay active once you start. Get a bluetooth speaker or durable earbuds and create a motivating playlist to listen to while you walk, jog and explore the great outdoors. Pair it with a battery pack to keep you charged for a lasting adventure. Still needing motivation to get started? All EcoSurvivor products give back with 50% of net proceeds donated to Water4, so both your life and the lives of others in need can be changed in the new year.

Improve Health: Avoid Blue Light


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Although there are many different realms you can consider when improving self-care, improving your sleep quality has direct affect on your overall health. A healthier you starts with better sleep. Even if you make an effort to go to bed on time and get a full 8 hours of sleep, you can still suffer from a poor night's rest from exposure to lighting, especially blue light from too much screen time in the evenings.  

Nearly everyone is exposed to screens at some point in the day, and a vast majority spend around 11 hours in front of screens per day. Blue light that emits from screens can have harmful effects on your sleep quality. In addition to reducing your screen time in the evenings, an easy way to combat the negative effects and improve your sleep is to use warm, amber lighting in your bedroom. By using SleepLite technology, the end of a poor's nights sleep could be closer than you think. 


Save Money: Cut Energy Costs 

Home Automation with Z-Wave-1

Easy enough right? Not eating out as much, only buying things you need versus what you want and bargain shopping are all ways you can lessen the amount you are spending every week. The constant budgeting definitely pays off, but also requires a lot of effort. What if there was a way to save money without having to constantly think about it or even think about it at all? 

Cut your energy costs. Household bills can be some of the biggest expenses we have. By installing LED lighting, you save year-round on energy costs from a one-time effort. Not to mention, your new year's resolution is fulfilled from start to finish and for years to come. Save even more by using myTouchSmart Wi-Fi Smart Controls so you can set timers for your lights and appliances to automatically turn off when you're not home or remotely control lights and devices at home if you forget to turn them off before leaving the house.

Get Organized: Coordinate and Declutter Your Items


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Many people want to regroup after the end of the year and get life back to normal. As many people are headed back to work after time-off, organizing your desk is a great place to start. Sort out the junk drawers, the piles of paperwork and all other miscellaneous items. Group them and keep related items together to help stay organized, make things easy to find and simply look better.

One area that can be especially messy in the office and at home is the cord clutter. The limitations of where and how many outlets are available to you make it difficult to stay neat when multiple cords are stretched and weaved to reach power sources around the room. An easy fix to the tangled web of cords is to use an extension cord to get easy access to outlets and keep everything together neatly. You can even try creating your own "DIY charging station" to reduce the clutter and have a centralized location for all your devices. Go the extra mile with a Cordinate Extension Cord that has a durable fabric cover (available in multiple colors) that keeps the cord from being bent and tangled, leaving your space looking orderly and preparing you for an organized year ahead.

Change doesn't have to seem overwhelming or unmanageable. Avoid making resolutions that are too vague or broad and instead make small, specific and easy to accomplish goals that will likely result in the same desired outcome. Swap out resolutions like "be healthier" and "exercise more" with more specific goals like "eliminate screen time 2 hours before bed" and "take the dog outside for a walk twice a week." Following these easy hacks to keeping your new year's resolutions will help you be successful in achieving your end goals this year. For more tips and tricks to come in the new year, subscribe to our blog below. 



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