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5 Reasons You Need the EcoSurvivor Bluetooth Speaker

Posted by Katie Davis on February 15, 2018 at 4:24 PM. Filed under Mobility, Power

5 Reasons You Need the EcoSurvivor Bluetooth Speaker

Music. It’s the soundtrack of our lives. We take it with us everywhere we go – in the car, at home, to school, at work, for family gatherings, or just hanging out with friends. So how do you choose the right speaker for your needs? If you’re like me, you want one that provides an excellent sound output, has Bluetooth capability, and is small enough to take anywhere. The new EcoSurvivor Bluetooth Speaker fits all those requirements, plus some you didn’t even know you needed. Here are 5 reasons why you need the EcoSurvivor Bluetooth Speaker:

1. The EcoSurvivor Bluetooth Speaker is Durable. 

With an IP65 rating and durable design that protects against dust and splashing water, the speaker is a perfect companion to long summer days by the pool or brisk autumn fishing trips to the lake. At my house, my toddler loves listening to music during bath time, and I love that I don’t have to worry about her splashing water on the speaker. If you accidentally drop it or your dog knocks it off the table, it’s no problem – the speaker is built to withstand a little rough handling.

2. Take Your Music With You Anywhere.

5 Reasons You Need the EcoSurvivor Bluetooth Speaker

You also won’t be weighed down carrying extra batteries because the speaker doesn’t need them. Being cord-free and battery-free recently came in handy during a family get-together at a local park. I just placed it on the table, paired it with my phone, and watched the family have a dance-off (the 2-year-old won).

3. Use Your Speaker As a Backup Charger for Your Phone.

Need to charge your phone and can’t find an outlet? The speaker can help with that, too. The EcoSurvivor Bluetooth Speaker can act as a battery charger for your phone. Not only can it charge your phone, but you can still listen to music while it’s charging. You can also accept and make calls with it as well, as it has a built-in internal microphone. Multi-tasking at its finest.

4. A Brand that Gives Back.

5 Reasons You Need the EcoSurvivor Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to choosing a durable Bluetooth Speaker, factors like sound quality, battery-life, and durability are always important to consider. But what about a choosing a cause-minded brand that helping make a difference in the world?

With every EcoSurvivor purchase, 50 percent of the net proceeds are donated directly to Water4, a non-profit dedicated to eradicating the world water crisis through faith, entrepreneurship, education and technology. Over 3 million deaths occur each year that could be prevented by providing clean waterto people in need. When you purchase an EcoSurvivor product, you're helping make a difference in the world. 

5. Enjoy Quality Sound.

Being able to take the speaker anywhere and charge your phone is great, but more importantly, does it sound good? Why yes, it does. While many speakers available today have decent sound, the EcoSurvivor Bluetooth speaker captures the bass and fills the room with its resonant sound. No more treble-heavy music.

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