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Adding Curb Appeal with Color Changing Landscape Lighting

Posted by Katy Foley on September 5, 2018 at 11:36 AM. Filed under LED Lighting, How To, Around the Home

Whether you are remodeling a fixer upper, putting your house on the market or simply improving areas around your home, the common goal is to make your space presentable in a way that is eye-catching and stands out to everyone who comes in sight of it.

Curb appeal is the key of all home design, but arguably just as important is the security around the home. Landscape lighting is the combined answer for curb appeal and home security as it establishes the first impression and doubles with functionality by also adding safety to the home. 

Light Up Your Curb Appeal with Color

Add a vibrant touch to your landscaping with Multicolored-Enbrighten-Landscape-Lights in your flowerbed.

Installing outdoor lighting is the perfect way to spruce up your home and show off its beauty. Lighting outside can make every home’s unique and personal magic come to life in the nighttime. If your style is more vibrant and bold, the color changing option of these outdoor lights is the deal maker you’ve been looking for. Placing them in flower beds emphasizes your plants, making your landscaping stand out amongst the rest.

Enbrighten Landscape Lights can be set to a specific color, any 2-color combination, or one of the various preset options available for use to create an outdoor ambiance that suits your preference and highlights your home’s character. Be the neighborhood life of the party with these bright outdoor landscape lights.

Light Up Your Home for Added Security

White Light Enbrighten Landscape Lighting adds a classic look to the front of your home.

In the United States, there are approximately 4,800 burglaries that occur every day. Installing outdoor lighting increases your home security by brightening dark areas which eliminate spaces for potential intruders to hide in and not be seen, decreasing the chance of your home falling within this statistic. If you have security cameras in addition to the lighting, your trespassers could be further deterred. Landscape lighting brings home safety and security to the forefront. 

Our Enbrighten Landscape Lights are a perfect fit if you like to keep your style alluring and satisfying, yet simple and comfortable, with the warmth of the classic white glimmer on these landscape lights. If home safety and security are what your front yard needs, the Enbrighten Landscape Lights will be perfect for you and your home. They even come with 3 differently toned white light options- warm white, soft white and daylight. With a lifetime guarantee and wide versatility to meet specific needs, these LED lights are hard to beat, and it doesn’t stop there. 

Light Up Your Patio and Outdoor Living Spaces

Exterior Home Lighting with Enbrighten Landscape Lights.

Putting landscape lights on the eaves of your front patio and projecting the lights downward creates the ultimate highlighter for your patio experience. It’s all your neighbors can talk about. Nobody will walk down your street without turning their head to take note of your curb appeal with landscape lighting like this. 

Cast a color on your back porch with Enbrighten Landscape Lights.

While it may not be the first thing people see from the street, the backyard of your home is a great place to draw attention to with guests. The backyard has never looked more inviting than with these lights casting a mood upon your outdoor deck or patio. The perfect party supply and decoration to your entertaining spaces, the Enbrighten Landscape Lights change the game in design.

Stake Enbrighten-Landscape-Puck-Lights into the ground for easy installation.

How do you increase home security? How do you improve your curb appeal? One easy DIY landscape lighting project can take your curb appeal and home security to new heights. Enbrighten Landscape Lights come with everything you need for installation right out of the box.  

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