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Easy DIY Projects To Revamp Your Lamp

Posted by Tyler Worsham on February 10, 2020 at 5:01 PM. Filed under LED Lighting, How To, Around the Home

easy DIY projects to revamp your lamp

If you’re a DIYer looking for a fun and easy weekend project, try adding some character to a lamp! Sprucing up an old lamp is a great way to add a pop of color to a room and truly liven up your place. Lamps are really easy projects that you can make personal to match your particular style. And these projects are incredibly cheap! You can even upcycle used goods that may have been destined for the garbage and turn them into functional pieces of art! Here are a few ideas for how to revamp your lamp!

Painted Bottle Lamp

painted bottle lampOver at, they feature a cute little project where you turn a used bottle into a colorfully painted lamp. All you need are an empty bottle, paint, painter’s tape, a hole plug, a bottle lamp kit, funnel and a lampshade.

First, finish whatever you have in the bottle! Then, clean it and remove the label (solvents will help take the label off). You’ll drill a hole in the glass using a ceramic bit and a bit of love and care. Plug that hole up with something and pour some paint in the bottle and slosh it around until the entire inside of the bottle is covered. Rig up your bottle lamp kit and run the lamp cord through the hole that you cut. Top it off with a lamp shade and voila!

Industrial Pipe Lamp

industrial pipe lampFor this build, all you need is some pipe (varying lengths as well as connection joints), a lamp socket, a lamp cord, some epoxy and a cool vintage bulb.

Two small legs and a crossbar make up the base, and the stand connects to it with a T-bracket. The main body uses elbow joints to create a cool, custom shape. The lamp cord runs through the lamp body and couplings that secure the socket to the main body of the lamp. Vintage Edison bulbs work really well with this vintage industrial look!


Porcelain Lamp Holder with Ceiling Medallion

porcelain lamp holder with ceiling medallionDo you have a standalone porcelain lamp holder in your closet, garage or other space that you’d love to spruce up? Ceiling medallions are a cheap and easy accessory that can be taped or adhered to the ceiling. Many come with intricate pattern work and can be large or small to suit your design. For their project at, they also used socket splitters to create a cool branch-like look with mini bulbs on the ends.

Fabric Cord Cover

fabric cord coverA simple and affordable solution to unsightly cords for your lighting fixtures is a decorative fabric cord cover. A simple piece of fabric can add a personal touch to your lighting fixtures and help your lamp cords blend into your existing décor.



Personalize Your Pull Chain

personal pull chainIf your lamp or lighting fixture has a pull chain, you can accessorize it using small jewelry pendants, beads and wire, clay, seashells, etc.

Installing a simple ball chain loop connector to the end of your lamp chain is a great way to connect your very own medallion or pendant and add a beautiful detail to your lamp or lighting fixture.


Enbrighten Anywhere Lamp

enbrighten anywhere lamp_1If you’re looking for a do-it-yourself lighting project that doesn’t actually require much doing, check out this handy little fabric-covered lamp base. It has keyhole slots, so you can mount it on a wall or ceiling, as well as a non-slip base if you set it up on a table or counter. The crosshatch fabric pattern on this lamp adds a cozy feel and will work with tons of existing interiors. And, as a bonus, it also works with traditional lights or smart bulbs.



With these fun and inexpensive DIY lamp projects, there’s no reason you can’t have a lamp or lighting fixture that fits your style and décor!

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