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Just Launched: Enbrighten Wi-Fi Smart Plugs

Posted by Kearsten Chapman on October 20, 2020 at 12:33 PM. Filed under Smart Home, Around the Home, News

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We're excited to introduce the new Enbrighten Wi-Fi smart home product line designed to simplify your life and connect the home from the inside out. Our leading Enbrighten brand is expanding into the smart home category with the launch of our new Wi-Fi indoor and outdoor smart home products to be sold through Lowe’s stores and online directly from


51253-1-7Direct compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices allows for voice control making home automation accessible to beginners and experts alike without the need for a smart hub.

Many consumers are overwhelmed by the smart home experience and often don’t know where to start. Choosing the right smart hub and scouring the internet for products can be daunting, but the new Enbrighten Wi-Fi line eliminates the guesswork with the easy-to-use app and setup process. The products are compatible with dual- and tri-band routers to connect to any Wi-Fi network for immediate use out of the box.


51492-1-6The launch of the Enbrighten Wi-Fi smart home product line includes three indoor smart plug-in options featuring single and dual outlets, a two-outlet outdoor smart plug, and an outdoor smart yard stake with 6 grounded outlets. A smart surge protector offers seven grounded outlets, three of which are Wi-Fi enabled. The BrightLink Wi-Fi module also converts Enbrighten BrightLink LEDs to smart lights with easy plug-in setup.

Designed to make life simpler, key features include:

Hassle-free Setup: The simple setup modes are easy for anyone. Download the Enbrighten app, create an account and power the device. The app automatically discovers the device to easily connect to any Wi-Fi network.
Automated Scheduling: Consumers can schedule connected devices to turn on or off at any time. For example, a user may set the fan to automatically turn off at 9 a.m. and on at 5 p.m. each day.
Voice Control Technology: With voice control through smart speakers, the user can verbally command actions for connected devices. Instead of manually turning off a light in another room or even the outdoor string lights on the patio, simply state “turn off patio lights.”
Connected App: The new Enbrighten app allows users to activate an extensive range of commands. Easily control and monitor all connected devices from anywhere, which eliminates accidentally leaving lights and other devices on throughout the day. Set automations based on sunrise, sunset, weather, your location, other Enbrighten Wi-Fi devices, and more to accommodate the needs of every lifestyle. Groups and multiple-home options make it easy to manage and control multiple devices together with a single tap or customized schedule. 



The Enbrighten indoor plugs can be used for items such as lamps, fans, coffee makers, fragrance diffusers and other small appliances. 

With seven grounded outlets, the surge protector offers three simultaneously controlled Wi-Fi outlets and four always-on outlets to defend valuable electronics from harmful voltage spikes.


51251-1-7The outdoor plug and yard stake can be used to automate string lights, landscape lights and seasonal décor. The outdoor plugs are especially useful to illuminate dark yards before even arriving home as the end of daylight-saving time approaches. Users can also reduce electricity costs associated with leaving on holiday lighting overnight by creating a personalized off time. Lastly, any Enbrighten LED light fixture featuring the BrightLink logo can also be instantly converted to a smart light with the plug-in Wi-Fi module.


Whether you choose to shop at Lowe's stores or directly through the Enbrighten website, another thing to feel great about is your purchase supports Jasco's 50% promise to helps charities and causes around the world. When you order directly from or you also get to select a cause of your choice after checkout.



Learn more about Enbrighten Wi-Fi here, or visit your local Lowe's store today!



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