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Light up the Night with Enbrighten Pop Up Lanterns

Posted by Kacey Huffty on March 15, 2022 at 5:15 PM. Filed under LED Lighting, Outdoor Lighting

led lighting lanterns

Color Changing, Portable, Multi-Use, oh my!

The new Enbrighten Pop Up Lanterns are here! Featuring a fully unique design, this cylindrical lantern slides open to reveal a sleek, premium-quality LED lens. These lanterns are perfect for on-the-go light and will shine a bright light wherever you need it most. 

Whether you're looking for traditional hiking or camping light, or need an extra glow beside the grill, at an outdoor concert, Enbrigten Pop-up Lanterns offer a sleek and effortlessly stylish solution.

led lighting lanternsPortable and Perfect 

One of the greatest features of Pop-Up Lanterns is their sleek, compact design. (Not to mention they’re incredibly stylish!)


These are small enough they can fit into the cup holder of your car, but shine a bright light powerful enough to not lose your way in the dark. With a removable handle and lightweight build, it can easily be carried by hand, hooked onto a backpack, or hung from above. Also, for quick access to the buttons, the body can be rotated a full 360°.


led lighting lanternsDynamic Color Modes

Each Pop Up lantern has 12 vibrant color modes to pick from.


Choose from Dynamic lighting modes like a calming candle flicker, single color, or dimmable color fade. If all you need is a soft night light glow, simply close the lantern while in any mode and a diffused version of the light will shine through! As an added feature, you can even turn your lantern into an emergency SOS blinking light should the need arise. 


led lighting lanternsBuilt to last 

This battery-powered lantern has been tested for harsh weather and use in a variety of environments. Additionally, each product contains a lifetime LED and is IP54 rated for safety.


Pick up a Pop Up Lantern today and find the perfect lighting for whatever lifes next adventure is. 


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