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Your college checklist might seem like a never-ending list of things you'll need before you leave for school this fall, and that may be somewhat true. Many of these basic items like twin XL bedding, a shower caddy and storage bins are no-brainers when it comes to college stuff you know you'll need. Here is a list of 5 forgotten dorm essentials you actually need but probably didn't think about. Many students won’t discover they need these items until they’re in a pinch, like the night before a presentation or when a small paper cut becomes infected and the closest antibacterial ointment is miles away at a CVS store instead of in your dorm room (see #5 below). 

1. Surge Protector 

A surge protector is an absolute necessity to protect your gadgets. Remember, dorm rooms don't provide many electrical outlets and then those that you do have are shared with your roommate. Since outlets tend to be in limited supply in most dorm rooms, we suggest choosing one that offers both surge protection and USB charging to keep your electronics protected and charge multiple devices at the same time. If you're not sure which surge protector you will need for your electronics, follow these tips for finding the right one for you.  
white-surge-1GE branded Surge protectors and power strips will provide the additional outlets you need in small spaces. 

2. Dorm/Apartment Wireless Alarm Kit

An inevitable part of college life is walking. As a college student, you will be walking all over campus throughout the day and night. It is important to feel safe and secure in your dorm room as well as during those late night walks from classes or the library. This GE Dorm Room/Apartment security kit includes a door stop alarm, a window alarm and a personal keychain security alarm. The window alarm activates when the magnet sensors are separated (when a window or door is opened) and the door stop alert goes off whenever it feels any pressure. So you put the door stop on the inside of the door and whenever someone tries to open the door, it not only stops the door from easily opening but also sets off a loud alarm. This offers students an inexpensive solution to give them peace of mind in or out of their dorm room. 

A portable alarm kit gives students added security and peace of mind. 

3. Back up Earbuds 

It never fails, you walk 10 minutes to the library or nearby coffee shop to get out of your dorm for a while to study for your next big test; you find a good place to inhabit for the next few hours so you get your laptop, notes and books all set up and right when you're ready to get down to business, you realize your headphones are still sitting on your desk, back in your dorm room. You should always have a back-up for certain items: back up pen/pencil, back up notes/papers in the cloud, and back up earbuds in your backpack! Earbuds are essential for blocking out noisy distractions when your studying and working on homework. These Über Earbuds come in a variety of colors and offer high-performance sound quality for just $4.99. 

4. Motion Activated LED Night Light

There are plenty of things for you and your roommate to fuss over. Waking each other up in the middle of the night by flipping on the light switch is one of those things that can get annoying pretty quick. The good news is it can be avoided completely with a simple night light. This GE branded motion-sensing light automatically lights your path when motion is detected up to 25 feet away. The night light will turn off after 90 seconds, giving you light when you need it, and without disturbing your roommate. This light will also prevent you from stumbling around in the dark and tripping over dorm room supplies, which could lead to accidents, which now leads us to item #5...

iStock_000006512560XLarge12201B2_copy-555222-editedA motion-sensing night light will help you avoid disturbing your roommates and possible accidents caused by stumbling to the bathroom in the dark.

5. First Aid Kit

Whether you buy a pre-made first aid kit or customize your own, make sure you're prepared and equipped with everything you need (ya know, in case you find out the hard way after walking around in the dark without a motion-sensing night light). Your first aid kit should include band-aids; antibacterial ointment to prevent infection; a thermometer to check if you have a fever when you’re not feeling well; a few antacid pills to soothe heartburn; an ace bandage if you ever pull a muscle; headache medicine; and allergy pills if you are prone to pollen. Hopefully you won’t need a first aid kit often, but you’ll be glad you have it.

A first aid kit is something you'll be glad you have if you ever need it. 

These are the five most commonly forgotten dorm essentials for college. Make sure you have all of the back to school gadgets for your dorm room. Some stuff you might not realize you need until you get settled in. There are still plenty of ways to save money and get the right college essentials you need with college bundles like the Über Power Up Kit or Connected Dorm Kit exclusively at Jasco's online store. 





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