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Adapt To Class at Home with A+ Tech Gear

Posted by Joslyn Hicks on September 29, 2020 at 2:39 PM. Filed under Around the Home, Power

Desk with charging station

Going 'Back to School' is just one of the many challenges the world faces as we continue to adapt to a new normal of safety standards and precautions to combat COVID-19. For most, returning to school this year means adjusting to either part, full-time, or online school. While transforming your home into a fully functioning classroom might seem impossible, we have just the products, tips, and tricks to turn your home into a functional workspace that will boost productivity and works just as hard as you do.

Whether you're a parent teaching your child from home for the first time, or a college student taking online courses, these tech accessories can help you earn your A+ from home without losing connection.

Your very own Charging Station

At home charging station

Ready to ditch your cluttered charging space? Visit our USB-C Guide to ensure that you purchase the right cord for your at home classroom. Ensuring that your charger can reach from the outlet to your device is a crucial part of the at home classroom. Extend your reach with one of our extension cords. Creating a power station that can charge several devices simultaneously means that you will never have to worry about picking and choosing between what to charge again.

Chargers play a critical role for student success, especially now more than ever. However, losing a charger is almost inevitable. Once you know what chargers, cables, and adapters you need, it is a good idea to get a backup so your devices are never without a charge.

With virtual learning, many schools are passing out Chromebooks and iPads for students to use. Here are a few charging essentials that work with both:



Pro Tip: Labeling your chargers can also be helpful, especially for younger students. It might also reduce the likelihood of it getting stolen or someone accidentally mistaking it for their own.

Protect your tech

Surge Protector

When school is in session, there are multiple drills to ensure the safety of students. Fire drills, Tornado drills, and intruder drills all provide a safe environment and workplace for students and teachers. The same can be said for surge protectors ensuring the safety of yourself and your devices.

Having a safe workspace is just as important as having a productive one. Picture this: you set up a charging station for your workspace and have multiple devices plugged into an extension cord without surge protection. One power surge, and all of your devices are fried and that almost finished book report is lost forever. An easy way to prevent this from becoming a reality is to use a Cordinate extension cord with surge protection. As an added bonus these cords actually look great too. The braided cords are available in multiple colors and allow you to finish off your aesthetically pleasing yet productive workspace.


tune into your lessons

If you're a parent with multiple kids all trying to do online school, it can get a little hectic and loud. Likewise If you're a college student with roommates also doing online classes, chances are your study space isn't as peaceful as you'd like. Stylish earbuds will help to drown out some of that unwanted noise and distractions. With multiple different ages, it can be difficult to find Earbuds that will fit each person. Rubberized earbuds come with different sizes in order to enhance comfort and ensure a secure fit. Drown out all of the unwanted noise, and tune into your class to create that classroom atmosphere with your classmates and teacher.


show off your at home classroom


Now that you have all of the gear, you're still missing the “classroom.” Help make this transition smoother by adding café lights to your workspace. These lights are the perfect way to enhance your at home classroom and complete your aesthetic. These easy-to-use lights with color changing options can help to erase the homeschool blues. Show off your favorite color when you have to turn on your camera, and add a touch of style to your school day.

School is different this year, whether it's in a classroom at school, virtual at your home, or a mix of both. Everyone is learning and adapting together, but having the right tech can make a big difference for helping students and parents have a successful year.


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