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Enbrighten Landscape Lights: Which Do You Need and Why?

Posted by Katy Foley on February 22, 2019 at 8:04 AM. Filed under LED Lighting, Around the Home


Enbrighten Landscape Lights and Enbrighten Mini Landscape Lights are newer to the outdoor lighting scene but quickly winning over the hearts of home enthusiasts everywhere with their abundant color-changing effects, high quality design and versatile functionality. However, for the ones who haven't jumped aboard the quick and easy DIY landscape lighting project yet, how do you know which to choose? We've laid out the similarities and differences of both sets of Enbrighten Landscape Lights below to help you in your decision making and determine which landscape lights are better for you. 

Similarities and Differences of Landscape & Mini Landscape Lights:


These landscape lighting products can be used to keep your outdoor space looking bright and colorful all year round without ever needing to replace a bulb. With almost endless color combinations possible, built-in timers and effects, commercial grade build and multi-use functionality, they are both great for an array of different uses such as spotlighting, path-lighting, accent-lighting and more for your walkways, flower beds, deck, patio etc. But as every space is uniquely different, your needs will vary depending on what amount of brightness you need, the size of area you need to cover or the decor you prefer. These qualities differ in the Enbrighten Landscape Lighting and will need to be considered when choosing which lights are right for you and your home.

For example, the Enbrighten Landscape Lights have a longer cable distance in-between each light for more flexibility in covering large areas. They are also larger in puck size emitting more light per puck so even if you have them fully extended at their maximum distance, you won’t experience “back holes” of missing light. On the other end, the Mini Landscape Lights are smaller in size and have less light output per bulb but include more pucks per strand to illuminate your area.

We've laid out the technical similarities and differences in the table below. However, we've found the easiest way to determine what you need is to picture it in your space. Here are some examples of common uses of the landscape lighting placed around paving stone, in flower beds and on deck railing shown in both designs!




(Almost) Endless Color Options

  • 120 possible color combinations 
  • Preset color modes for holidays & special occasions (ex. red, white & blue for the 4th of July)
  • Warm, soft, and day white settings

Built-in Timer and Dimming Functionality

  • 2- or 4-hour countdown timer settings
  • 10 levels of dimming, fading and strobe effects

Commercial Grade & Lifetime Guarantee

  • Energy efficient, lifetime guarantee LED bulbs 
  • Burial grade cable between each light
  • Commercial grade and UL-rated for permanent outdoor installations (no need to worry about weather damage or bringing your lights inside after your initial setup!)


  • Includes wireless, pairable long-range remote 
  • Mounting or staking capabilities (stake system included in box)- which lets you add the puck lights wherever you want!

Variety in Length Options

  • Mini Landscape Lights come in 4 different lengths: 10 ft/6 lights, 22 ft./12 lights, 46 ft./24 lights and 70 ft./36 lights.
  • Landscape Lights come in 3 different lengths: 50 ft./6 lights, 80 ft./9 lights & 110 ft./12 lights

Puck Housing

  • Mini Landscape Lights have durable, plastic housing.
  • Landscape Lights have oil-rubbed bronze metal housing. 

Brightness Level

  • Mini Landscape Lights have up to 40 lumens per light.
  • Landscape Lights have up to 150 lumens per light.

Length Distance Between Pucks

  • Mini Landscape Lights have 2 feet of flexible cable between each light.
  • Landscape Lights have 10 feet of flexible cable between each light.

Size of Puck

  • Mini Landscape Lights are 2.0" in width and 1.25" in height (excluding stake).
  • Landscape Lights are 9.8" in width and 5.8" in height (excluding stake). 

Untitled design (40)


Untitled design (43)


After taking these similarities and differences into consideration, you'll know which landscape lights to choose when the time is right to tackle your DIY outdoor lighting project, and the time for that might be sooner than you think with warmer weather approaching. Make sure you're ready to enjoy the beautiful days of spring with new landscape lighting for your home. 


So, Which Do You Need?


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