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How to Have the Best Road Trip

Posted by Sara Powers on November 14, 2016 at 11:13 AM. Filed under How To, Mobility


Road trips can be a great time, taking you to new places that you've never been before, places you couldn't get to as easily on a plane. However, if you aren't properly prepared, road trips can quickly turn into a disaster. With these quick travel tips, you will be sure to have an easy, and fun road trip experience!

Don't Let Your Phone Die


You use your cell phone more than you think when you're on a long drive, especially if you are one of the passengers. Not only is it your means of communication to the outside world, but your phone is also your map/navigation, music source and entertainment.

Make sure your phone, and other electronic devices stay charged for your road trip and stock up on car chargers. Another good thing to invest in is an extra-long charging cable so that even the people in the very back seat of the car can use the car chargers up front to charge their devices.

If you are in a hurry and need a quick charge remember to leave it alone! Leaving your phone alone and not checking it will require less time on the charger.

Be Weather Aware

Depending on where you are doing your traveling, you could run into some hazardous road conditions. Make sure to check on the weather before you leave by checking your favorite weather app, weather online, or by listening to the news.

When it comes to traveling in the winter you must be prepared for inclement weather, especially around the holidays. Just in case, always have an emergency kit in your vehicle! Your emergency kit should include items like: a first aid kit, water, batteries, a USB charging lantern, ice scraper, and blankets.

Pack Smart

Don't overpack your suitcase.jpg

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Crowded cars can kill the mood of the road trip and nobody likes to feel crammed for hours at a time. Make sure you only pack the essentials. The best way to ensure that you won't be packing too much is to pack in outfits, not just random pieces of clothing! Pre-plan what you are going to wear and stick to your decisions.

Overcrowded cars are not only awkward and uncomfortable for riders, but all of the excess luggage and lose items can turn into dangerous projectiles if an accident were to occur. If your driver has to slam on his or her brakes, all of the items in your car can be thrust toward the front. So only pack what you know you need.

Figure Out What Time You Want to leave and Arrive

Hitting the road at hours that aren’t considered to be “peak hours” can make a huge difference in your traveling experience. The best time to start your road trip is bright and early in the morning, or late at night. If you're traveling with younger kids, leaving at these times can be a life saver because they'll snooze through the entire trip!

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