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Gifts For The Dad Who Loves Dad Jokes

Posted by Jasco on June 7, 2022 at 3:02 PM.

Blog Header Image-9Father [FAH·THUR] NOUN 

  • Provider, protector, and supporter.
  • Grill master and expert advice giver
  • Creator of "dad jokes"

Synonyms include: Hero, Superman, Best Friend.

Let's be honest, your dad has plenty of ties in his closet. With that being said, what do you get him for Father's Day? We have curated a Father's Day gift guide where each product is paired with its very own "Dad Joke" to make it easier to pick the perfect gift for your pops.

  1. Philips USB-C to HDMI adapter - "they don’t make them like they used to."

    SWU7114A27-1.3HDMI adapters have come a long way in bringing us ever-improving audio and video from DVD and Blu-ray™ players, gaming consoles, and more to our TVs and monitors. Now that USB-C is becoming the new connectivity standard for many mobile devices and laptops, this Philips USB-C to HDMI Adapter is the perfect gift for any dad. With plug-and-play simplicity, he can use this adapter with an HDMI Cable to connect his USB-C equipped laptop, tablet or smartphone to a larger display, such as a TV or monitor, to view his favorite content on the big screen. No more squinting to watch the big game, his favorite movie or fun family videos on a tiny screen. Bigger is better, and this handy pocket-sized adapter can make it happen.

  2. Philips 4-Device Bluetooth Universal Remote – "IT'S ALways in the last place you look."

    SRP9020B27-1.7When it comes to controlling home theater equipment, this Philips 4-Device Bluetooth Universal Remote With Find-It Feature will give dads of all ages quick and easy control over their entertainment devices. This remote comes pre programmed for immediate use with Samsung TVs and Roku streaming boxes and can easily be programmed to control other audio and video devices in five minutes or less using the myTouchSmart™ Remote Control app. Simply download the user-friendly app to a smartphone, pair it with the remote and follow the on-screen instructions to wirelessly program the remote. This app’s unique features will also save your dad valuable time. The handy Find-It feature helps locate the remote if it’s ever lost, and Scene Control runs a string of up to 40 commands to operate home theater equipment at the tap of a single button. Prevent your dad from missing his favorite shows because he can't find the remote with a bluetooth remote.

  3. UltraPro™ mini Wi-Fi plugs – "Money doesn’t grow on trees."

    @CarolineDeMauro Enbrighten WiFi PlugFew things make a dad hot under the collar – probably of his favorite polo shirt – like leaving on lights. Fortunately, there is an easy way he can stop roaming from room to room while muttering and spend more time guarding the thermostat or painting his New Balances green while mowing the lawn. Get him a four pack of UltraPro Mini WiFi plugs.

    Dad will know which lights, fans or other plug-in electronics are on without even leaving his recliner. With the easy-to-use UltraPro app, he can also schedule or control connected equipment from anywhere. But one of his favorite features will be the automation options. Using triggers, like sunrise, sunset, weather and location, the Wi-Fi device can perform a variety of actions. Don’t be surprised if your dad instructs a lamp to turn on as soon as it sprinkles for the sole purpose of proclaiming, “Hmm, looks like a light rain.”

    In addition to the comfort of knowing lights aren’t blazing unnecessarily, he’ll love the cost savings caused by not wasting electricity. Plus, Dad will well up with pride knowing you bought in bulk when he sees the four pack.

  4. UltraPro Extension Cord Wrap – "Work smarter, not harder."

    UltraPro Extension Cord WrapHelp Dad organize his workspace with the UltraPro™ Extension Cord Wrap. This heavy-duty cord wrap helps organize up to 50ft. of traditional extension cords, surge protectors, HDMI or coax cable. With this cord wrap, Dad can plug extension cords into the built-in three-prong, grounded outlets and unwind the exact length of cable that you need. This hard-plastic wrap will help keep his workshop, garage or job site safe and free of tripping hazards. The built-in handle provides a secure, ergonomic grip — perfect for the toughest jobs and dads.

  5. Enbrighten® Dual Power Color-Select Lantern - "YOU'D Rather Be Safe Than Sorry."

    45083-1.11There are three things that you can always count on Dad for: his love, his insane barbecue ribs and his uncanny ability to be fully prepared for any — in his words — "unplanned adventure." Even he can use some backup when preparing for life's unknowns — enter the Enbrighten Lux Hybrid Dual-Power Lantern.

    This durable powerhouse supplies upwards of 650 lumens of ultra bright light, is powered by a long-life internal lithium-ion battery and 3 D batteries for good measure. I know what you're thinking, "Oh good, now my dad can complain about needing to buy MORE batteries." Worry not, because even if you use up all 425 hours of juice, this workhorse is rechargeable.

    The included micro-USB refuels the internal battery while the USB-A port can be used to fully charge any phone or smart device — perfect for staying connected during those "adventures." Fully dimmable, featuring a variety of color modes and an S.O.S. signal, even my old man would shed a tear at this absolute unit.

  6. Ecosurvivor Earbuds - "I Don't Want To Listen To All Of That Racket."

    46389-1.4-1These Ecosurvivor Bluetooth Earbuds are the perfect solution for a dad who has a different taste in music than you. Not only do these earbuds prevent griping when he doesn't like your tunes, but they can also accompany Dad anywhere he decides to go. Plus, with a built-in mic that is compatible with Bluetooth and Siri, Dad has a new assistant to help him out around the house. 

    From his next fishing trip to a walk in the park, these High-dynamic sound earbuds are ready for whatever Dad throws at them.








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