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Easy Home Upgrades That Anyone Can Handle

Posted by Jenni Fredrickson on July 27, 2017 at 10:00 AM. Filed under How To, Around the Home


Home improvement projects can be intimidating. You see this great idea on Pinterest. It’s going to change your whole world. You have every intention of getting started. But then you see how many tools and skills are needed to complete this project, so you decide to put it off. You tell yourself that maybe after you do more research on the topic, it won’t seem so difficult. Maybe...

Fret not! There are a number of easy home upgrades that literally anyone can handle, no professional needed!
I personally have next to zero knowledge when it comes to most home repairs. I can identify basic tools: hammer, Philips head screwdriver versus flathead screwdriver, drill bit, and maybe a few more. But I’ve certainly never built anything. But you don’t need to have any experience to make your home look awesome. These easy home upgrades are so simple that even beginners can easily complete any of them.

Plug-in Under Cabinet Fixture

Difficulty: Fairly easy
Requires: Power drill


Under Cabinet Fixtures elevate a kitchen from nice to WOW! But wiring a traditional direct-wire under cabinet fixture could be a disaster if you’re not a pro (Always consult a licensed electrician before attempting something out of your skill range). Plug-in fixtures come with a standard power cord that plugs into any of your kitchen’s power outlets. These require no electrical skill to install and are perfect for DIY-ers. They are also easy to uninstall and move, making them ideal for renters who want to take their fixtures with them when they move.

Once you have picked where you want the fixture to be installed, and you have determined that you have enough cord to reach the outlet, use the included mounting template to mark where you will need to place your screws. Using a power drill (Check out YouTube if you’ve never used one before) install the screws where you have marked.  The keyholes on the underside of your fixture will slide in effortlessly and all that remains is to plug in your new fixture and revel in how simple it was.

Changing out a Wall plate

Difficulty Level: Easy peasy
Requires: A screwdriver

When my family bought our first home, I certainly wasn’t looking at the wall plates! But when it came time to move all our belongings in, I noticed that the light switch in my daughter’s new bedroom had a novelty superhero wall plate. No problem! It took approximately 3 minutes to switch it out for a new one that was more in line with her interests. 

If you have a screwdriver and can say “Righty tighty, lefty loosey,” you’ve got this. Simply remove the old wall plate using your screwdriver and replace with the new plate. Screw the new screws in.  Simple.

Plug-in Timer

Difficulty Level: Cake walk
Requires: Plug-in timer


Timers are one of those items that you didn’t realize you needed until you tried one. Their uses are endless. From turning on or off outdoor or seasonal lighting at specific times, to utilizing a randomization feature to give a lived-in appearance while you’re away, you’ll wonder why you never used a timer before. Find more things you can do with a timer here and here.

The most difficult part may be narrowing down exactly what type of timer will be best for you. For outdoor uses such as patio or garden lights use a timer made specifically for that purpose, such as a MyTouchSmart Indoor/Outdoor Timer System. For an indoor project, try a MyTouchSmart Simple Set Bar Timer.

Set up is easy and once you’ve got it set, you never have to think about it again. Simply plug the timer into the wall outlet and the appliance or lighting fixture into the timer. Set the current time and choose your on and off times. Enjoy the automation and savings on your energy bill.


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