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Our Most Popular Blog Posts You Never Meant to Miss

Posted by Katy Foley on December 27, 2018 at 4:17 PM. Filed under Insider, News


It can be challenging to keep up with new content online and products on the market, especially those within technology and its ever-evolving ways. Through our blog, we connect you with highlights and exciting news along the way. This year we launched new variations of popular lighting and devices like Enbrighten Color Changing Landscape Lights all the way to completely new ecosystems like myTouchSmart Wi-Fi Smart Controls and much more. We've recapped below some of Jasco's best news and helpful information from this year with our most popular blog posts you never meant to miss.

What You Need to Know About the Amazon Echo Plus and Zigbee


Amazon continues to improve and add to their Alexa powered products – currently sitting at a total of 6 unique Echo devices. While all interesting in their own way, the most impressive option is the new Echo Plus. The Echo Plus not only builds on the foundation that the Echo and Echo Dot models have established, but it also improves and adds to it. KEEP READING.


Q&A: Z-Wave Home Automation 


Living in a smart home is no longer something reserved for sci-fi movies or TV. Home automation is now as attainable as ever, however, it can be intimidating when first getting started. What products do I need? How does a smart home actually work? What can I control? We’re going to answer some basic and common Z-Wave home automation questions in order to make sure you don’t out smart yourself when smartening up your home. KEEP READING.


Meet Enbrighten Landscape Lights | Color Changes Everything

landscape lights pool

We are excited to announce we're expanding our Enbrighten® brand with a line of highly anticipated LED Color Changing Landscape Lights. With more than 120 color combinations and a variety of lengths and lighting options, Enbrighten Landscape Lights add colorful, beautiful ambiance to any outdoor space. Illuminating your yard with landscape lighting is now a simple DIY project with our new prewired puck lights to brighten your favorite flower bed, entry, path, or patio. KEEP READING.


Ask the Experts: Phone Charging

Tangled phone cables

Charging your phone is something we do every single day, sometimes several times a day, but how much do we really know about it? What all goes into phone charging? How do I know what charging cable is right for me? What makes a cable durable, where can I find one that won’t easily break? We went and talked with our phone charging experts here at Jasco and asked them all the questions we know you've been curious about. KEEP READING.


Ultimate Guide to Best OKC Patios with Cafe String Lights

Light up OKC - 21C

Who doesn't enjoy hanging out on a good patio with friends or family, especially under the warm glow of cafe lights. The coolest patios are usually never without those trendy yet charming cafe lights lighting up the patios of restaurants, parks and local bars. Our Enbrighten Cafe String Lights have been popping up in some of the best OKC patios. Here are some places where you can find them: KEEP READING.


Channel Change is Coming! Plan to Rescan Your TV Antenna


No one enjoys going to a channel and finding that their favorite programming has moved. However, changes in frequency have been a reality of broadcasting for as long as people have been watching television – and new changes are on their way. If you rely on a TV antenna – as opposed to cable or satellite – to bring in over-the-air channels, re-scanning your TV or set-top box will be necessary to ensure a fully up-to-date viewing experience. KEEP READING.


Introducing the New GE-Branded Enbrighten Motion LED Security Lights

Enbrighten Security Lights on Driveway

Just in time for the upcoming fall and winter months, there are new home security lighting options for consumers. In these later months of the year, evenings tend to get darker earlier in the day. This shift in natural brightness can make returning home from work in the evenings alarming as pathways, driveways, garages, backyards and more are left in the dark. Statistics show that well lit neighborhoods have a lower crime rate. Our new outdoor motion sensor security lights are a great solution to illuminate your space at night and help detect any unexpected activity around your home.  KEEP READING.


Blue Light May Be Ruining Your Sleep, Combat it with a SleepLite


Did you know that the screens we look at every day could have a negative impact on our sleep quality? Luckily, with the help of amber lighting – the end to a poor night’s sleep could be closer than you think. According to the National Library of Medicine, we spend roughly one-third of our life sleeping. But how much do we know about the sleep we are getting? KEEP READING.


What You Need to Know to Start Controlling Your Home with the myTouchSmart App

Life is complicated. Your smart home doesn't need to be. That's where our newest line of myTouchSmart Wi-Fi smart home products come in. This new line makes it easy for you to automate your lighting and small appliances from anywhere to be on or off when you need them most. Ranging from smart plugs to smart switches and outlets, these products redefine the means of easy living through an intuitive app that brings control to your fingertips. KEEP READING.

We are looking forward to making big things happen in 2019. To catch all the upcoming news and information,  subscribe to our blog below!


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