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Christye Cook

Christye joined Jasco in 2016 as an intern and recently joined the team full time. Originally from Arkansas, she has a BFA in Communication Design with an emphasis in Marketing. Her duties at Jasco include assisting with new product launches and sales presentations and contributing to the Jasco blog. Outside of work, Christye is most likely to be found wearing athletic clothes as leisure wear and cheering for the Razorbacks any chance she can (go hogs).

Recent Posts

I Cut the Cord, Now Which Streaming Service Is Best for Me?

Posted May 15, 2017 at 05:44 PM

You’re fed up with cable so you decided to cut the cord. Good for you! At first, you feel great about it. Then about a week later withdrawals start kicking in. You see all your friends on Facebook or Twitter talking about the Bachelor or the latest episode of This is Us. You resort to Netflix and turn on Friends even though you’ve already watched every episode 50 times. You act like you are happy, but you aren’t.

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Topics: Cutting the Cord

How to Avoid Bedtime Struggles with Night Lights and Cuddles

Posted March 6, 2017 at 02:11 PM

“The boogie man's in there!” “There’s monsters under my bed!” “Can you keep the light on in my closet?” As a parent, you’ve most likely heard these and experienced the same bedtime battle each night with your little one. As soon as you get them into bed, you hear the cries for mommy or daddy because they can’t sleep. The bedtime fight to get your little one to bed is an age old problem, but can technology actually help make this easier?

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Topics: LED Lighting, How To